Gosh, I keep seeing this intelligence ranking being pushed on the web:
http://www.petrix.com/dogint/1-10.html, again and again...

and the corgi is ranked 11 in the list. I wonder if there is any truth in it. Cause I strongly believe that corgis are a LOT smarter than Rottweilers or Poodles.... They are very lovable, extremely protective, exceptionally loyal, and easy to train like no other dogs... It's not like I have any prejudice against other dogs ;).

Can anyone offer any other reputable source of dog intelligence ranking? I'm just curious.


("Crazy about my corgi")

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My Corgi has high emotional and spiritual intelligence. I think they are using the wrong ranking criteria! hehehe Plus, I think that poodles should loose3 ranking positions just for having that irritating high-pitched yappy bark.

Here in Mexico, the most common dog is the small poodle. Amiga is unique here. For some reason, there aren't many Corgis in Mexico at all. Actually, I have not even seen one. Everyone on the street is intrigued by her. The first question is always "¿Que raza es?" or "What is the breed."

So, to me, Corgis are in a class of their own. Rankings don't apply. Maybe we are all so smitten by their cuteness. Let's admit it, Corgis are simply beautiful, cuddly, creatures. When Amiga was a pup and I was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico (now in Old Mexico), absolutely everyone on the street commented on her and wanted to pick her up and kiss and squeeze her. So, their adorability intelligence level is phenomenal!
I have to say that most Corgis are very smart...some times way to smart for their own good. The idea of ranking each breed by their repsonse to the first command (which is what I'm getting from that link) is a perpostorous way to judge their intelligence. Mostly because some dogs are more stubborn than others, just like Corgis tend to have a stubborn streak. My Corgi does aglity and picked it up very quickly, but some times she won't do something during our practice because she does want to or because we've repeated that many times...not because se's dumb.
Scout is no Einstein, but he's still too smart for his own good. Even at only four months old, he knows that when his cable is wrapped around a tree or post, he has to go around. I didn't even teach him that. He learned it himself, attesting to the fact that he's very smart and can make decisions on his own.
I can see the Pembroke being higher ranked than the Cardigan. I have one of each and I love both of them, don't get me wrong. Pandora (Pem) was simply easier to train and quick to learn routine. Trunks (Cardi) was slower to pick up everything; however, he is much more obedient and ready to please than Pandora.

I wonder how they rank the dogs. Truthfully, I would put the Pem at 11 and the Cardi at 11 1/2. They really aren't that different in intelligence. If it is based on the first command, my dogs may be ranked way different. Like I said, Trunks is much more obedient and will do commands on the first try. Pan may need to be told more than once, especially if there is no food involved.
We went to a dog park today... First time ever! I was a bit worried how Sunny's gonna react to strange dogs there... Everything went just fine. She made friends with everyone. She loves to play with big boys. Small dogs get her bored... It's amazing to me how corgis fit so easily into new places. Al ;)
I think that, like people, all dogs have varying degrees of intelligence. I was raised with Doberman Pinchers and we had some really smart ones and some not so smart ones. But it always cracks me up how quickly Prince picks up on things. We have always asked him if he wanted to "go Potty," so when it's time for someone to take him out we spell P-O-T-T-Y. It only took him about 2 days to figure that out. Just saying out was way too obvious, he got that one the very first try, so we decided to spell YTTOP (potty spelled backwards) he looked from me to my son back to me and ran for the door!! Our jaws dropped and we cracked up. We've yet to come up with a way to beat him at that 'game' - but we still keep trying! He's one smart doggie!!
I know I am crazy about my corgis, but they are the smartest dogs I've ever seen. I swear my dogs can tell time. I am up and feen them at 4:30 am, and then when I come home at about 3 in the afternoon. It can be a weekend, and I haven't left the house, and they come to come and "snuffle/whine" because they know it is time to eat. Augie especially understands what he is being told. Last , but not least, I have 4 cats. Their room is the laundry room with their food, and litter boxes. When the dogs were youger , I had a gate up, but one of my cats couldn't jump over it any more. I took the gate down, and these dogs do not go in there, even with tempting cat food, and nobody home.
also, you need to factor in the stubborn factor, 85% of the time sounds about right too me. corgi's are super smart but stubborn!!
As a teacher, we are trained to look at the whole student, and that just because a student may "act out" in some manner, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are less intelligent. Usually, some students who do act out tend to be more intelligent and they act out b/c they're bored! You can imagine the fun that I have in the classroom!

I believe that corgi intelligence is apparent. With Camber, we've been having a difficult time training her in obedience commands. After a while, chicken doesn't work, so we have to switch to lamb. She knows what she's doing. I LOVE her sense of independence. I try to work with it, instead of against it. It's a slow road, but we're walking it.
I absolutely agree with you. I am a special education teacher and most of my population is behavioral. The are very very smart children that find creative ways to get attention and get their needs met.

Same with the three corgi's I have had, they understand what is going on, are smart enough to figure out ways to achieve their goals (working in pairs, using herding, etc.) and use their intelligence to make choices. I can see the wheels turning in my male corgi's head (Corey) when he is trying to figure out the best way to trick my husband into getting a cookie. They are the smartest breed that I have ever had in my family and once you have a Corgi all other breeds are just dogs.
That's funny about the cookie. Poor Cam hasn't really learned those tricks. She's too laid back...except when she decides otherwise. Speaking of dog obedience, my BF and I love watching Cesar Milan. And I use alot of his training tips in my classroom with my students. It actually works! Now, if it could only work on the corgi...:)
I agree with everything said in this thread... My three month old Corgi is very smart... I clicker trained him (with finger snaps instead of the clicker, who wants to carry that thing around everywhere?) within an hour.

However, he is stubborn. The other day he was exploring some dirt piles on the other side of the yard (he loves putting everything in his mouth as I'm told all puppies do) and I snapped my fingers. He heard it, he looked up, but he went back to what he was doing! I snapped two more times and he finally came. So while the snap registered with him, he was very reluctant because he preferred to do what he was already doing.

Also, I have pretty successfully potty trained him within a week. He only goes outside and only goes around the same spot (which I have nicknamed "Poop Hill"). Same with pee, though he has had a few accidents here and there with that.

The other day I was playing "hide and seek tree" which basically involves me running behind a huge tree and trying to avoid him while peeking out either sides. The first two times I did this I got the best of him and had him confused as to what I was going to do. On the third time, he would wait for me to peek out one side and then rather than waiting for me to peek around the other side, he would just run up behind me (very quietly) when I ducked behind the tree. So basically, I would be peeking around the other side to find my Corgi not there, but rather sitting behind me!


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