We have several corgi's Our problem is our female duchess likes to hoard her food from duke and will gaurd her bowl from him and sometimes will gaurd his bowl from him also.. It's not like she is hungry because she always have food left over at the next feeding....any idea's as to why she does this ? john

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It may be because she takes on the alpha female role and with those kind of alpha's no one is allowed to eat until she is done or lets them. My dog sometimes does this, but there is no way for me to stop the alpha female in her. It just instincts. Same happens with wolves. I just say seperate them and put them in different parts of the house. For example, i let my grandfathers dog eat on the porch, while my dog eats in the kitchen. That way they can both eat and be left alone.
Some Corgis can be food possessive, feed them separately in different corners or different room / crate, do not let the other hoard the food.


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