This only started recently and I've read a few things about it before but I can't find anything now. When I feed Winston, he will run to his food bowl and before he starts chowing down, he'll set about three pieces of food on the floor. Then he will eat what's in his bowl and then what's on the floor. Does anyone elses' dog do this? And do you know why? It's funny and isn't something that is going to harm him but I was just wondering why he would do that! Silly boy.

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Tracker knows it's time to eat when he hears someone singing "Puppytime" , something his breeder starts all of her pups on at weening. His first task is to clear all other animals for a 20' radius and then wolf down his food. Even after he has finished he will attack any animal that comes within the 20' radius until he burps, then he's willing to play or just coexist with other animals again.
He'll let people take his food without attacking, but it sure does worry him. We learned to move the Lhasa to another room, with a dog biscuit, to save having to pick his fur from between Tracker's teeth afterwards. The rest of the time they are good buddies.
Our CorgiBear does this too sometimes. Not always but once in awhile.....
Im unsure what its about... I tried to hunt it down before but didn't real find any good explanation.. the only thing I found is that a lot of Corgis tend to do this apparently.

Roxi will either take a mouthful and drop it next to her bowl like your guy or actually run into the other room and throw it up into the air as if saying "Yay food!".. then leave it! *grumbles* She'll sometimes go back to it later but sometimes its mom and dad picking up little dog kibble later on.... as she watches with amusement.
Mocha would pick 3 of his nibbles out of the bowl, place them a few steps away, lick them a few times then swallow. Sometimes we wonder if he purposely do that to show off to Vienna, starring from a distance.
Our corgi, Cody, always takes a mouthful from his bowl, walks a few feet away and eats his food there. He does this a few times and gets lazy I guess. He finishes the rest of his food straight from his bowl.
Haaha some of the things these dogs do... Crazy critters. I'll ask my vet next time we see him and maybe he'll have an answer. If not, then I guess we're just all gonna laugh and be confused every time our dog eats.
Bindi does something very similar. She usually hits the food out of her bowl with her nose (only about a 1/4 of it) then takes a mouth full from the bowl and eats on the carpet. Its very strange. When she eats in her crate she does this too, we'll come home and they'll be food all around her cage!
CorgiBear will throw her food int he air too! They have to be on the most entertaining doggies :)
Actually my cat does this. He's so weird. He'll also flick pieces in the air and then eat them.

Our corgi eats like a normal dog (scarfs it all down) except for he doesn't like to eat his dog food.... he likes to eat CAT food! We just got a new baby corgi and we are trying to prevent this habit from rubbing off on her too.
Careful with dogs eating cat food, cat food is way too high in proteins for dogs! But my dog loves cat food as well.. When I take him to my parents we have to run to put the cat food up somewhere high or he'll start scarfing it down! Crazy dog.
I feed Augie and Charlotte at the same time, but have to give Augie his food first. If I feed Charlotte first, Augie will attack her bowl, and we will have a fight.If Augie comes near Charlotte while she is finishing, she will eat/growl (sounds like emmemmemm),until she is done. My dogs scarf down their food!
Louis buries treats all over the house, i've found milk bones and chew treats all over haha


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