Wonder how often you bathe your Corgi? How do they react to it ? Brynn was very afraid at first, but now seems to like it . I bathe her in our double sink , one for wash the other to rinse.She loves it when we dry her off :) I give her a bath every 2 weeks. Is this too much ?

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Mine isn't too stinky, so she doesn't get the full shampoo bath except maybe every two months. But there's a dog park nearby that has a stream for the dogs to play in and she gets ridiculously muddy. So I plop her in the tub and just rinse her off. Since we go a few times a week, I don't want to shampoo her every time because that would probably irritate her skin. Just a good rinse to get the mud off the belly and her legs and she's good to go. But she hates it. I think she wonders what she did to make me try to drown her. If only she understood that she could play in the park but just stay out of the mud and she wouldn't need a bath....
Ofie gets a bath once every two weeks. She's very calm about it.
My vet made it a point to tell me NOT to wash Caleb too much. He is groomed about every 6 weeks.
I regularly check my bunnigirl for stinkiness. I'm constantly smelling her body for bad aromas. I find that it's mostly her underside and feet that get the smelliest. I figure it's normal, you try walking on your hands and feet all day everyday and smell YOUR feet. hehe.

If she's been playing out in the yard for a long time, I'll toss her in the shower for a quick rinse of her feet. Other than that, we try bathe her about 1 to 2 times a month. She doesn't like it at all. that infamous corgi smile disappears quick. i usually end up taking a shower right after as she gets the rest of my house all wet.

does anyone else' corgi have feet that smell like doritos or fritos?
I bathe my corgi only when he gets dirty (usually once a month). He stays calm when taking baths. It's funny because after I dry him off with a towel, he starts frapping happily from room to room.
depends on the season, when its muddy out she gets rinsed off after every walk but actually washed once a week, in the summer/winter about once a month. not including when i run myself a bath turn around and she is swimming around the bathtub haha. she loves baths.
My Corgis are bathed about once a month, usually less. They very rarely get to the point of stinking. If they dig outside or get messy I just wash the paws.

They really do not like bathes, but they do not fight it, just jump out real fast if I turn away. I use a mop sink to bathe them... easier on the back then doing it in a tub. Then it has a grooming table beside it so I can lift them onto that and brush, clean ears, cut nails, blow dry ect.

Blow drying helps prevent hot spots, corgis can get them when there under coat stays moist and the weather is hot. Be sure its a pet blow dryer that inst really hot. Using a hose or shower head helps tremendously, it is very hard to get the corgi coat wet since it is so water resistant, some kind of spray helps get them wet and get all the soap put after.

I use an all natural coconut based shampoo, the furminator de-shedding shampoo. I like how it works with the coat... but I hate the scent... wanting to switch to something new. I like the smell of the baking soda and oatmeal Fresh N' Clean but not sure if it will work well with my corgis, will let you know how it goes.

I also hear you should never use cream rinse on a corgi coat, i use a dog fur conditioner called "The Stuff", its great for managing the cowlicks on Muffin's behind, and it helps repel dirt and urine from the coat.

And I use the Fresh N' Clean original scent dog cologne. We used this product at the grooming salon I worked at, it is great. Highly recommend it.

Be careful with waterless powder shampoo, they often are made of Talc which is dangerous to the dog if inhaled. I use the liquid waterless shampoo from furminator if need be.

Usually an unscented baby wipe is best for quick clean up, then spritz a little cologne. You can get them at H.E.B 80 count for $1.99=awesome.
Excellent suggestions....Don't allow the hair coat to stay wet for long...use baby wipes to clean them up (I use these on my pups)...don't overuse or over condition the coat since this holds moisture and makes the coat kinda of tacky which will collect more dirt. Another secret is when your dog comes in from being in the rain..wipe them off w/a towel and then take a Bounce drier sheet to wipe them with and this will get rid of the wet dog smell. The less you use on a coat the better you are and more grooming is the best route.
With all my dogs i found that if i put on some shorts and an old T-shirt climbed into the tub with them they were not afraid, plus you can turn bath time into fun time and they look forward to it. She is a cutie to treasure.
WOW alot of you bathe your Corgis alot. I don't like to bath mine that often but I groom mine every other day and use a blower on them to blow the coat out of dust or dirt.
Dolly tries to jump into the tub and shower daily - she loves a bath! We try to keep it to once every 6 weeks or just a tummy wash if she gets muddy.

Thanks for this conversation, folks. Tobi doesn't get bathed very often (usually only when she is getting boarded, which is maybe twice a year) but I think I'm going to start getting her groomed every 6 weeks or so. I've recently realized I'm allergic to her - not terribly, I just get itchy skin. I figure regular bathing ought to help! 


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