I feel silly asking this..... how long do male puppies pee by squatting? Steve is 8wks old and has been squatting to pee. It looks like he started to lift one of his hind leg (ever so slightly) from today. This is my first time having a puppy and my friends don't remember what their dogs did when they were puppies so I'm curious to know what other corgi and puppies owners experienced.

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Very interesting question :) He's still got time, I'm sure about that. In the age of 4 months the male hormones just start their function, so don't be worried.
well i got a male pup at 4 months and he was standing but not really lifting his leg, then after about 1 week he was compleatly lifting his legs
Some lift their legs quite early and some may never lift up their legs actually :)
Elvis started lifting his leg at about 16-17 weeks old. Of course, he saw the bigger older dogs at the dog park lifting their legs so he started copying them. It was funny. Anything they would mark, he'd waddle over and try to mark himself. His balance on three legs wasn't that great. He'd have to lift his leg 2-3 times before it would stay up. He finally got the hang of it.
Augie squatted until he was about 9? months or so. Sometimes he still just stands and pees. I don't know why, maybe just easier?? Even when he does lift his leg, he steps in the puddle he just made..(see discussion about frito feet..)
Simon & Blue squat almost 100% of the time - and they're almost 6. I think I've seen Simon lift his leg 2 or 3 times.

Why? :-) I don't know. They just never did the leg lift thing. What does it mean?

OMG...!! Are my Corgis gay? :-) lol :-)
I think that they are so low to the ground, it's just easier to let it fly!!! I don't know about your dogs, but elimination seems to be low on the energy expended list. My two will get up while still pooping, and run around til the hanger on falls off. I often have a little gem left right at the door that squeezed out while waitng to come in..
Thats so funny Carol because Brynn does the same thing !! She doesn't seem to want to wait for it do be done .She only does this at home , on our walks she gets the job done .Guess she wants to be back inside with the cats ???
Mine walks while he is still squatting, he's a goober. Makes picking up after just a bit trickier! lol.
so does my kirby. He will barely lift his tiny leg..extend it backwards and kinda squat to pee..sometimes he lifts his leg. But when he does the number 2 he will start walking off before he is even done! I am always telling him "geez just wait one more second!"
Roxi does that going #2 :) I tell her to stop leaving a breadcrumb trail, we know how to get home lol
aww our pembroke is named cody. seems so perfect right? :]

our corgi just started to lift his leg when he was about 4 months. now hes almost 6 months old and he lifts his leg so much!!! when we take him for walks, he kinda lifts for like 5 seconds walks around, and lifts again. lol so funnie. we were acutally really excited when he lifted his leg cause he is growing up so fast!


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