Obesity is a very common problem in corgis. You mention just how hard they will plead to have one more morsel of food. Time to harden your heart just a bit. In rescue I would say that near 60% of the dogs that come in our program are overweight. Most often the problem lies in too much food and not enough exercise. I am typically not a believer is diet foods but changing the ration to be more appropriate for the dog. Many people do reduce the amount of kibble and add green beans. This has worked for many. Make sure that you lose a low sodium or well rinsed product. Many dogs love them. Good luck!

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We (corgiholic) rescued a morbidly obese corgi in May. Moira weighed in at a hefty 47 lbs.! She is now down to 33 lbs. thanks to being diligent with her food intake and changing to Bil-Jac reduced fat dog food. All of our dogs have done beautifully on this food. Their coats have filled out and are rich in color. The overweight dogs have become much more healthy and our one rescue who was horribly underweight (puppy mill rescue) has filled out. All (with the exception of Moira who's still watching her weight) are at or near their optimum weight. Granted, they are little beggars with bedroom eyes, but tough love is so necessary to help keep them from developing back problems in the future.
We got Dori from a breeder and she was to be a breeding dog. She was just not able to have puppies so our family purchased her and the age of 3. We had her spade and she has gain 7 pounds so I was glad to read about your success. We cut back on the regular bil-jac and she started eating her poop in the yard. My vets say she doing this probably because she's hungry. So we are going to switch her over to the reduced fat today so she can have more to eat. She was 25 pounds when we got her so we would like to see her back at that weight. Keep up your good work and thanks.
Actually there is a simple and rather inexpensive way to put your Corgi on a diet. First, I suggest no diet food.
Read the label. There isn't much in diet food that is good for your Corgi. Feed your Corgi 1/4 cup of a high quality natural food, then add 1/4 cup of cooked frozen green beans. If they will not eat the beans, try pumpkin. I have been doing this for years and it's the diet that my vet recommends. The biggest causes of over weight Corgis are lack of excercise and too many treats. Treats are loaded with calories. Try using baby carrots, pieces of apple, or other fruits and vegetables that your Corgi may like. Dogs, like people, cannot just diet. They need exercise both of body and brain. Corgis are intelligent. Challenge them. Linda Moore
Hi Linda,

Have you had any problem with the pumpkin causing loose stool? I ran into this when using pumpkin with my doggies. Also, instead of processed treats, one can use shredded wheat squares (without the sugar topping) and cheerios. Both are pretty healthy alternatives to processed treats. Also, have you used Old Mother Hubbard treats? They are made by Wellness holistic foods and have been an excellent treat.
My Lizzie is overweight and we have her on reduced portion of Cannidae and green beans, but I'm not seeing much of a difference. She loves to walk and run so she is getting her exercise. We scour the farm yard looking for stashes of goose and duck eggs to prevent her from snacking--this is probably what got her to this stage!. No more tablefood and snacks are an occassional Cannidae Bisquit (1/4) or raw baby carrots. I know there is a new diet medicine. I see this as a last resort...Has anyone had any experience with it?
I've heard good things about Canidae, but have never had the chance to read the ingredient list. I can say we have done the same thing with our new boy Rudy as we did with Moira: Bil-Jac reduced fat food and limited snacks. Rudy has now dropped about 10 lbs. He's in fighting shape along with the rest of them. Really, dogs need in the way of diet what we need: better food, smaller portions and lots of exercise.

As for poop eating, I've not heard of it being present because of hunger. I've seen it with multiple dog households and with those whose dogs don't get enough walking exercise. I'm sure those here with vet or breeder experience would know more about that one.

As for the poop eating, we've added pineapple chunks to increase the acidity in the poops. It seems to help some. I've been reading the Foster & Smith's catalog and they list a natural solution to poop eating. You might check it out, as well.
Nutro is one of the worse foods you can give your dog(along with Science Diet and Ol' Roy). From what I remember, it was on the recall list last year about this time. I ran across a good article recently about them...


Canidae is great food and one that I rotate my Corgi on. It's Innova for a few months and then slowly rotate to Canidae instead of the same old kibble constantly.

Nutro's soft food with gravy was on the recall. Their dry food was never an issue. The good thing about them is their lack of byproduct (brains, feet, lips and feathers). The problem with recalls was the gluten obtained by overseas (China) suppliers. Nutro has since changed their policies on overseas suppliers.

I agree with you on Science Diet. It used to be a wonderful premium food, but since they were bought out they've changed their formulas and have mostly corn and other fillers, as well as huge amounts of byproducts. Might as well by Puppy Chow and spend $20 less per bag (sarcasm). And Ol' Roy is just plain crap.

If one can afford the uber-premiums such as Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Wellness, etc., it is to the dog's benefit to have it. However, many wonderful dog lovers just don't have that kind of cash. And I must admit to being one of them. However, I look for a good manufacturing process and no gluten as a main sticking point. Because of that, we feed Bil-Jac, as it meets those requirements.

But if someone has the financial resources to feed the best, I alway suggest they do just that. I would love for PetSmart to pick up some new holistic food lines.
I thought at one time it was just the canned but, that's not the case it seems according to this...


The only product I found that did as intended by SD is their i/d. When my Corgi was going through some separation anxiety, he'd get sick and barf several places while I was gone. I put him on boiled, skinless chicken and rice and it helped but the vet recommended SD i/d which did help his tummy get over this. That's the ONLY product I'd ever use again by them.

The one thing good about Natura products (Innova, EVO, CA Natural, etc) none of their products are now nor were they ever on the recall list of Spring '07 or now. Blue Buffalo seems to be part of that list now for this year.

BB did get caught in the recall. And one of their dry foods, kitten formula, was recalled, as well. I have to say I was disappointed. That's another reason we use Bil-Jac...no recall.
Hi! It's me again and I had a customer come in today with some interesting info on the NUTRO food. It's not Corgi related but I'm sure everyone will want to read this through. And if you're on NUTRO, I'd get off it. Apparently, Mars owns Menu Foods and they were the cause of the recall. A number of animals are coming up sick again.

Is that not just what I posted yesterday? You said, "Their dry food was never an issue. " I posted that link for all to read yesterday to show they do and did have problems. Maybe it took the customer for you to believe it.


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