I'm sure toys get destroyed in all of your houses as quickly as they do in mine, but I thought I'd share my thoughs on where to get the best toys. TARGET. for a few reasons...1, their prices are awesome. I've never paid more than $7.99 for a nice big toy at target, meanwhile, you walk into a Petco and can easily spend $20 on a toy that will be destroyed next week. 2. Target toys seem to be able to stand the roughness for a big longer than the very soft, plush, fancy shmancy toys from Petco and other Pet stores. Dont get me wrong, I still be gizmo to petco to go bone and toy shopping every once in a while, mainly just so he can pick his own out. But otherwise, Target is my toy store of choice. They have these big animal toys, with rope arms and legs, and squeekys in them. Gizmo lovvvves them. When he does eventually destroy them, it is usually in the form of ripping all the limbs off. But then he looooves playing with the limbs! So on any given day, you may find donkey feet, dragon legs, and random torsos around my house! There's a pic of him with his dragon toy in one of my pictures, all the toys i get from there are like that, with the rope legs, in fact I even buy multiples one of the same one, just so I have them on hand when it comes time to replacing a old one.

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Costco's got a good pack available right now of dog toys and treats. There is almost a dozen things in the bag, all quality made ... only $9.97!!!!!!!!!!!!. They seem very very durable. =P.
oh yea! and i stopped by Target today too, all the toys were 15% off!!!!!

I ran into some AKC toys at Publix. There wasn't to much to choose from, but the price was fair. When we got Kirby his breeder let us take his favorite toy (an AKC goose). It was a bit torn up and stretched out. We wanted to get him a new one, but we couldn't find one. Publix had it.
On eof Sidney's favorites, a "trio of sushi shrimp" plush toy, was on the clearance endcap at Target. It is the strangest looking dog toy but he loves it! We also got a martini olive plushy but he does not like it as much. I think it's too big for his little mouth!
In FL, World Market is the same company as target, just a diff. store with imports.

I was just at target today, and petsmart. I got two stuffed soccor balls from petsmart and one is already destroyed, luckily I had a spare but I think he will just eat it again. I also stocked up on 99cent ropes from target, he loves them and tears them up in 2-3 days so the price is great. I tend to keep his more expensive toys (the stuffed ones anyway) out of sight until he is calm and relaxed for the day.
We have Cost Plus World Market here in So Cal, but it's not owned by Target here. I love that store! It has great import food and a great wine selection, but Jenny is right about the pet stuff. Not a huge selection but what they have is pretty cool. Sidney likes the things from there.
same here! Bailey's got the rope monkey toy, hot dog with a stuffed bottle toy and two squeeky rubber things (ball and red bone). he likes all of them!
I feel a World Market road trip coming on, and I suspect Sidney will have a couple more toys (and I'll have a new bottle of wine).


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