I brought Bailey home on Saturday. He's 8 weeks. Yesterday I noticed Bailey had a runny nose. It's clear, but its enough that his nose whistles sometimes. Also, he's got some eye discharge. Neither is crusty or abnormally colored. Other than this, he's playing, eating, drinking, sleeping, peeing and pooing ok. He's currently eating Purina Puppy Chow (what the breeder had him on). No vomiting or diarrhea. I bought Nature's Recipe Lamb & Rice Puppy formula for him. Should I feed him this new food and stop the puppy chow cold turkey? That would let me know if he's allergic to wheat or corn (nature's recipe has neither, while the puppy chow has both). But then... wouldn't he have abnormal stools because I do that?
He's not terribly itchy though, but does scratch his muzzle now and then. I am going to schedule a vet appointment, but wanted to get some advice as to what you think is might be? A food allergy? Stress? Maybe the shampoo I used in his bath? Also to add, he hasn't been whiney lately, only when he needs to go potty (I am glad he whines when he has to go!!!).. and of course when I leave the room. Thanks in advance for your replies!!!

I am such a worried new corgi momma!!!!!

Also, he's 7 lbs 2 oz at 8 weeks. Is that big for a corgi puppy?

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Congrats on the new puppy! Bailey's a total cutie. : - )

It is a good idea to take a new pup to the vet for a general check-up, just to nip any potential problems in the bud. I would almost expect an upper respiratory infection more than allergies, but your vet can give you assurance if it's one or the other (or something else).

You always want to switch foods very gradually to avoid stomach upset and potential diarrhea. Take a minimum of four days. Day 1 put 25% of the new food with 75% of the previous food; Day 2 50%/50%; Day 3 75%/25%; Day 4 complete. I usually take 7-8 days and switch more slowly just to be safe.

Congrats again on the new pup. I'm looking forward to lots of great stories. : - )
Thanks Charlie. I took him for his initial puppy visit the first day (saturday) and the vet ok'd him! He must've "caught it" on Saturday though, but I didn't let him on the floor at the vet or outside and his little area is so clean I could lick it (ok maybe not lick). Or maybe he caught it at the breeder but symptoms didn't show till now. The vet did warn me that with new puppies, if something is wrong with them, it'll show up the first week. Time to give the vet a call, I am hoping it isn't a food allergy. Thanks for your reply!!!!

And I will try that food sugesstion, the vet also said the same, I was just afraid to switch yet cause of the runny nose and I didn't want to make it worse.
Let us know what the vet says. He may have something that has a one or two-week time to show symptoms. The vet can tell you over the phone if it's anything to worry about, or if he wants to see the pup again.

I do think the Nature's Recipe is certainly a step up from Purina Puppy Chow. Changing to a better food should not make your puppy's watery eyes and nose worse.

Keep us posted!
Ok, I heard back from the vet. She said that its nothing to worry about unless the discharge becomes yellow thick, he starts coughing and sneezing and if his temperature goes up. When I had his temperature checked on saturday, it was fine (se said between 100 and 102.5 degrees F is the norm). He hasn't coughed or vomited or had any problems with his stool. She told me to watch out for these things (fever, coughing, vomiting, diahrrea, abnormally colored discharge) since they will be signs of something more serious like a respiratory infection, which would require antibiotics. She also ok'd Bailey for now since he is eating (hes a grazer not a meal eater apparently), playing, sleeping and eliminating normally. She also said respiratory infections were common in young puppies, so I bascailly just have to keep an eye on the little booger.

She also advised that it didn't sound like a food allergy (no vomiting/diahrrea) and recommended an over-the-counter generic antihistamine called chlorpheniramine, in 4mg tablet form, and have him take a 1/4 tablet to relieve his running nose and eyes up to 3x a day. If it doesn't clear up in a couple days (or gets worse), she wants me to come in (of course).

I think I've just really gotta monitor him. We'll see how he feels tonight before I run out and go buy anything (but I don't have a thermometer anyways, so I need to buy that!). I hope he's all OK and it was something just passing through and naturally will clear out on its own, but I won't take any chances if I see anything different tonight.
That sounds like good news...just normal "puppy stuff" for now! Hopefully Bailey will feel better on his own in a day or two. : - )
Thanks Chris & Charlie (hah! I thought Charlie was human until I checked out your page!) =P. Yepp I hope so too. I'll give you guys an update in a couple days!
happy to report when i came home from work today, there was no more runny nose, so its good so far. he's still got a little eye discharge, i will keep a look out on that. i came home to lots of pee on the pad and near it (hah), but no poo. i am assuming hes eating them as treats (ahhhhhhhh... ive read its "normal", but i will ask the vet about that too).
Yes, Parker enjoyed his poop and he stopped when he got a bit older. Leave Bailey with a few chew type of toys and hopefully that will keep him busy and away from his poop. Good luck!


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