Has anyone every tried the furminator? http://www.furminator.com/
My corgi is only 6 months old-- can I use it on her?

We use a rubber spikey thing now and it gets some out, but she still sheds like crazy!

Thanks in advance!

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I was just curious what size everyone bought. I didn't know if I should go with the medium or large. I am bringing Riley home in just over 2 weeks and I'm trying to stock up on all the supplies before he gets here!
I have the blue one, i guess its the medium one. I'm not so sure you should use it on your puppy though it might be a little too harsh. He should still have his puppy fur and shouldn't be shedding too much. Light brushing would do.
Thanks for the heads-up, I wasn't planning on using it on his puppy coat though. I'd just rather get the bulk of my expenses out of the way at first :)
I would try getting it on Amazon its cheaper than in the pet stores, I got mine for like 35 dollars at the store and then i found out you could buy it on amazon!
I bought medium...I thought it was yellow. Works wonders.
We love the Furminator! We got a medium and use it on all 3 of our cats and our Akita mix as well as Badger--a godsend!
When I looked Furminator also made a dog treat that is supposed to cut down on shedding. Anyone try these?
Shedding? Who cares? You just loll about on the floor, and all the dog hair sticks to your clothes, and presto! Carpet's clean.
The Furminator is a good product, the company as a whole had a great invention with multiple revisions and finalized then patented and distributed. Well thought and well played. However since theyre marginal success they partnered with a division of another corporate entity dabbling in the sale of grocery-store pet products (low end, chinese manufactured), for the typical idiotic pet owner. "Furminator" does not actually make anything else than the Furminator, the other products are cheap soaps and snake-oils marketed by another company liscensing the Furminator name. I would get the shed-tool, but pass on the treats/oils/shampoos/sprays/food additives. I would assume them re-labeled failed market consumables with a new brand. Which is a profitable business practice, not that there is anything wrong with that.
Give them a warm bath then a good brushing out, repeat in a day or two and it should take care of most of it. The warm water losens the hair so it comes out faster


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