Holy moly, Olive chews through dang near every toy we buy her!  Doesn't seem to matter how much it costs, what it's made of, which end of the grey-scale it's on, or what shape it's in... Olive will chew it up no doubt.  Can't buy her stuffed toys anymore.  Can't let her have a rope for too long.  Squeakers?  More like deaders.  Rubber, schmubber.  It seems like we buy and throw away at about 1:1/week.  I bought her one of those black kong super chewer toys, so we'll see how that goes... any help on what to get her that might actually last would be greatly appreciated!


...she's 10ths old, maybe 20lbs

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Have you tried getting her bigger toys? I know Edison has a time limit on how long he is willing to chew something that's not meat-flavored- he destroyed all of his rope toys except the one sized for German Shepherds. It's twice as long as he is and thicker than his legs, but it has not died- yet. :)
Welcome to toy purchasing for corgis,lol. The indestructible kitty - completely destructed, snugga wubba not so snugga anymore. I gave Milly tons of my daughter's stuffed toys from the basement. It is her mission in life to pull off the nose, eyes and ears from those horrible creatures:) The only toy that has survived the last three years is her kong and that is because she completely ignores it. If we put peanut butter in, she licks it out and we find it in the exact same spot we left it! Smart girl. So not really any advice for you but at least you know you are not alone:)
I appreciate all the responses and suggestions! Looks like Olive will be spoiled come payday... lol.
Our Sami ignores the Kong toy, not so fun for him unless there is peanut butter inside it. Actually he ignores everything that is industructable! He just like the feeling he gets when a toys is breaking apart, I can see him becoming crazier and chewing faster!! He tries to chew up the wall as an hypocrite corgi sleeping on his back laying his feet on the wall and then trying to be discreet and chew the corner..but I'm always there to tell him a big no-no !! haha
The best thing that I have found has been a deer antler. Cody is an aggressive chewer, too! He's wonderful that he only chews his toys, but I have spent a bundle on ones that only lasted a day. He also has a small basket ball...it has a hole in it now, but he hasn't chewed through it. He loves to herd balls around, but again he is rough on them. I have to really watch him close. Cody is 9 months old now.
My Dee Dee is not into Kong unless there's food in it either. It doesn't work as a toy... :( She was an aggressive chewer when she was younger, but not since she's gotten older. We tried Nylabone where she chipped her teeth (more than one!) so I don't recommend it. What worked as a toy was fairly cheap Latex toys from Petco. One was a shoe (have seen red, green, & purple), and the other one was an egg with baby chick. When you squeeze the egg, the chick head pops up. Shoe lasted a long time, chick egg lasted about 2 weeks (egg itself lasted long time, but squeeker went out).

With any chew toys or rawhide, just make sure the dog is ALWAYS supervised. :) Hope Olive slows down eventually! Good luck!
It has been a saga with Potus to find toys that last. At the moment he only has a few that have survived the test of time.
He has a tyre toy that squeaks. Its a cheap thing from Kmart and was a present from a friend- it lasted almost a year now with no sign of damage and we play with it every day, I think as it has the tyre tread he can't really grip onto any part of it to pull apart.
He has a Nylon bone which was a treat from my trip to the UK (its from Harrods) which isn't the Nylabone brand... I can't remember the companies name but its lasted him months, he has a nighlty chew on it in front of the heater.
He has a few Orca toys. I know someone on MyCorgi has a dog which has chewed these toys but Potus chews everything (icluding the floor!) and he hasn't damaged his Orca toys yet, despite playing with them everyday. The Orca jack is good for giving him a treat as he rolls onto his back and chews the toy until he can get the treat out.
That's about it, he has some toys which last about a week or so (like a chew rope) but other than that we just stick to a few, durable toys.

Oh, and as Edison says, try the toya designed for big dogs. Our Corgis may not be as big but their jaws are as strong, we always go for the medium or large toy.
Just remembered the name of the bone we gave Potus, its called TastyBone, its made of nylon, so safe to swallow if its in small pieces. Potus loves his, and apparently they're now available in the U.S. Now have to find a retailer here in Australia, but I think it will be awhile before Potus needs a new one.
You can get them here: http://www.bestbuddiesboutique.com/tastybones.html
Thanks, we'll keep an eye out for it. She had a nylabone while she was teething that she absolutley loved (it could be frozen and was bacon flavored... lol) that we just had to throw away, so she might enjoy a new bone.


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