both of my dogs eat the same food, same amount, similar activity level. My male corgi is slim and fit, however my female corgi is having the hardest time to lose weight. Our Vet recommended us to feed her twice with half a cup each, hopefully that will stimulate her metabolism.

Does your corgi need to lose weight? any tips to share?

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My corgi is a little pudge at about 34lbs. We feed her 1 cup twice a day of diet dog food, Science Diet brand. She is an inside dog who only gets exercise a couple of times a week, but seems to be doing ok.
Thank you for saying this. I'm glad there is someone else who took that as a bit of a shock. 34 libs is something like 10 pounds over average. For a corgi that is a lot.

Playtime and walks are just as important as a dog's diet. An average walk time for an adult dog is 45 minutes at LEAST.
my dog is around 34 pounds...i feed her 1/2 a cup twice a day and walk her at least 2 hours a vet said she isnt over weight but ive been worrying about it..since breed standard is alot less.
It is VERY improtant to keep weight in check on these guys. Have thyroid levels checked and then hit the diet food hard. there are many good choices in perscription form. Also be careful of what kind and how many treats they are getting. It doesn;t help if you have a salad for dinner and then eat 1/2 gal of ice cream for dessert same for the dogs. I have had most luck with Science Diet light form.
I feed Maggie 3/4 of a cup of food twice a day. I feed her Nutro rice and lamb dry food. I also give her occasional apples and carrots. The vet tells me that she is at a very good weight. I have tried very hard to keep her fit..since they become overweight so easily.
i give emma 1/2 cup twice a day and she is in great shape. the best thing to do to get your dog to lose weight (and this is what the vets i work for tell people all the time) is to get them on some sort of diet food and feed according to the bag, if that does not seem to be working feed a little less. having your dog on an exercise program is very important as well. just like with humans adn losing weight, the calorie intake needs to be less than what is being burned, and it is not just about diet, it is about exercise as well. if nothing seems to be working you can get a prescription food, have the thyroid levels tested, and talk to your vet about how many calories your dog needs to be taking in to get to the weight that they should be at and how much of the food they are currently eating they should eat.
We faced that problem with Toby. The vet and friends suggested the Green Bean Diet. It works. Toby when we got him weighed 38 pounds. The trick is two things that we found. First get the dogs off of grains and Dog food that contain grain. It is a filler and keeps the weight on the dog. We feed Toby 1/4 a cup of Evo reduced fat and 1/4 cup of green beans plus yogart. For treat we use fat free ie cheese or Charlie Bears,,, It works Toby boy now weighs 32 pounds and is feeling much better ....
Well we havn't hit the weight problem yet but it does seem corgis have this issue.

We feed her two cuts of puppy chow a day and she seems to regulate herself, she never really finishes it even though thats what the bag told us to do. We don't force her either.. if she's not hungry then I think its a good thing she's not eating. (if she wans't eating anything then yes I would step in and do something)

Do you think its overfeeding, too many snacks or no exercise that makes these little fuzzies big?
I def. talked with the other half and we are watching her weight carefully as she gets older now. I think it helps that we're very active with her all the time since we were active outdoors already.

Is there an age that corgis tend to start having these problems? I know like humans the metabolism is probably great when they're young but dies off as they get older *looks down* boy do i know lol.

So far the vet has told us that she's in great shape/weight so Im not too worried.. but I always like to keep on top of things hehe
JC eats the evo ½ cup in the am with a mixture of the BARF and kibble ½cup PM (he was on a complete Raw food diet when we got him, it was easier for me to know he was getting the vitamins he needed form the kibble). He gets treats in the day. He is a good weight 34lb for a Cardigan (males 30-38 pounds). But he and I are run/walking buddies we go anywhere for 2 miles to 6 miles almost every day.
Kiki eats lots of treats, yet her weight fluctuates betwettn 30-34lbs. (Not too bad.) I don't think that corgis should not (if you can maintain their weight) eat under two cups a day. They need the food to keep nutrition in them and keep their metabolism going. Walks and dog park fun is also good for them; these cute little pudges need their exercise! :3
I've got to agree with Peggy. Tank eats 1 1/2 c. each day, but he is a cardi mix. The pemmies get 3/4-1 c. each day. If we give them more, they get quite heavy - over 30 lbs. Maddie is 20 lbs. Moira is now a svelte 29 lbs. and Dundee weighs in at 26 lbs. All have a good body mass - excellent body shape. Moira was 47 lbs. when we got her and she was being fed 2 c. each day. The weight continue to pack on her. It was awful! Now they're all in tip-top shape and I truly believe it's a combo of the right food and the right amount.


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