So far Zephyr's done really well with "sit", "come", *whistle*, and "down". Not perfect but she's still young. "Go get it" was instilled in the breed when she came. We're working on "let go" and "no bite" and that one I understand how to train her, but I'm having a real problem with stay. I cannot figure out how to train her to do it. I need advice/instruction on how to go about it.

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We use the following method at our dog club. Have her do a sit. Flatten your hand and push it toward her face using the command "stay" Pivot right in front of her, nose to toes the pivot back, give the release word and treat. Continue practicing this. As she becomes reliant, take a step back, to the side and increase the distance. Remember to keep her on lead so you can make an instant correction should she begin to move. Practice, practice, practice.
my pups got it fast. i would put them in a "sit" then give a flat hand and say "stay" whitout moving away give a treat and then release. I would give the treat before the realease because after a while my pups decidied they would release them selves and run after me so i decided give the treat and then the release unless you call them to you after the stay.

Slowly everytime take another step back. he will realize we will like to do this command because all her has to do is sit there.

good luck (o and dont be afraid to reinforce the stay if you see him getting a little fidgety)
With stay, put her in a sit command first, with your hand / palm sticking out, say "wait", keep facing him and slowly walk back 2 steps. then give him a release command "ok" then let her come to you. keep doing this and slowly increase the time and distance. if she is not sure or start to walk without you giving her the command, walk back and put her in the sit position again. Repeat :)
I taught Charlie to "Wait" first from a Down position. I squatted and faced him, showed him a treat and hid it on the ground under my left hand, then used my right hand flat with palm to his face and said, "Wait". Lift your left hand to show the treat, but if he goes for it, cover it back up and repeat "Wait". When you can uncover the treat and he waits, say "Free" or "Get it" or "OK" (whatever release word you use). Then step back a couple feet and repeat. Then start putting the treat on the ground uncovered and stand up with the verbal and hand signal.

Once Charlie learned the Wait command he will do it from either Sit or Down. I use the same hand signal for Stay. Wait now means that when I release him, he comes to me or to a target object, Stay means stay until I walk back to him.


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