Does anyone have a corgi who they cannot give stuffed animals to because they will rip it apart and eat it? Just a very hard chewer in general? Our corgi is a very harsh chewer, they only toys he hasnt totally destroyed is the Kong puppy one where the treat goes in. Although we did give him the Kong dental toy and he destroyed that too, within minutes!!!

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Kiwi is a monster chewer, she's no longer allowed anything soft...b/c it winds up dead in a matter of mere seconds. She loves her dental dinosaurs though, they are nylabones in the shape of dinosaurs, she can chew really hard on them and not have them disintegrate in her mouth. They're great! I also buy her just plain sterilized bones, she loves those, and they are relatively inexpensive. The last toy that she absolutely loves is her "red ball," I think it's really called the "zap ball" from petco. It makes sounds and lights up and if we bounce it she goes wild. Hope this helps!
I knew we had a problem when Bertie Wooster had a toy ripped open even before we left the store. Little puffs of stuffing marked our path from checkout to exit. And those toys labeled "indestructible"? I have mailed them all back to their manufacturers, with a picture of their destroyer. We have kind of given up on toys. Latex gets shredded, plastic gets shredded, rubber gets shredded. Even the Kongs have tooth marks and missing bits. What can you do? They're Corgis. We romp with tennis ball until they put a hole in it (couple of days), then move on to a new one.
The only stuffed toys are ones I can get at rummage sales for 50 cents or less. One morning Lilly got a hold of a pillow and "shook" the stuffing all over the living room. Fortunately ours don't eat the stuffing, but they still make a big mess and those soft toys last less than a day most often.
Our lab/dane mix Chester can disembowel a stuffed toy within minutes. Sidney loves to just carry them around and make them squeak.

Today we replaced Sidney's puppy Kong with a medium. Our baby is growing up!

You guys that use kongs, what do you like to fill them with?
I have put ice cubes in them, could be messy though, be careful, lol. I have put canned food in it and froze it.
I actually put the canned food in ice cube trays and then I have individual cubes ready to put in the kong, its pretty handy. I have heard of people using peanut butter and some of their food and also freezing that too.

Aww, Sydney is growing up!
We stuff the kong with meaty treats and then freeze it, we've also tried frozen peanut butter.
Thanks for the Kong tips we have just bought the boys one each, and Reggie is far more food driven than Archie, loved it, but Archie would not work for it, until Reggie went for his and we had a fight on our hands!
Yes! Gizmo loves stuffed toys...especially squeaky ones..but he rips them aparts in minutes if not seconds! Even when superivsed very closely, it's like "bam - it's ripped apart!" So we've given up on them, and we hate it because those are his favorites! :( We have a Kong and so far so good with that (it is the red Kong). I would say we have a good chewer as well. It is definatley a challenge finding the right toys to give him, especially when we are not at home.
Try the busy buddy waggle if you are looking for new things to try, its awesome as well as the kong! You should be able to find it at target if you have one near you or a pet store. It definately is a challenge to find things for them and kinda boring...but I rather be safe than sorry!
i stopped wasting money on stuffed toys, i actually buy toys designed for big dogs and that are rated undestructable..she still ruins them but it takes her alot longer.
i hear ya, I tried a giraffe tennis ball/rope toy and let lance have fun chewing it for a few minutes when i checked on him he ate all the string off the rope......grrrrrrr, so back to my original thoughts nothing but the kong, busy buddy waggle or planet dog balls, thats it!!! He ended up throwing up the string later, ewwwww, so not only is it a money issue but safety issue, cause with my luck he would eat a squeaker or something!
Riley can kill and gut practically any stuffed toy regardless of cost within a matter of minutes. Once his murderous rampage is complete, he will proudly parade his trophy around the house for days. The lifeless remains make for weeks of tug of war fun with his sister. Sometimes he'll just sit quietly in the corner and chew on one all by himself. Bottom line, Corgis can be little chew-monsters but that's all just part of their appeal I think. They're smart enough to know what NOT to chew on, i.e. my chair legs, baseboards, remote controls and lamp cords are all still intact.
If it becomes a problem with destruction of home furnishings try switching to bones. I get my crew beef bones from the butcher shop. About 3-4" long, (boil them first for about 10 minutes to make sure any posssible parasites are killed) They'll last for months. When they lose their "meaty" appeal, try putting a little dab of peanut butter way up inside the middle of it. Sadie has one she swiped from her step-sister Tally who is 3 times her size. You would think she'd need help carrying that thing around. It's almost as big as her but she loves it. (For the petite Corgi, you can also try soup bones from the meat shop. Again, just make sure any butcher shop products you bring home are cooked thoroughly before handing them out.)


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