Hi all,
I was wondering what some of your adult (over a year at least) male corgis weigh? AKC breed standard maxes them out at 28 lbs and my guy is a sturdy yet not overweight (according to the vet) 40 lbs. Is my dog the biggest corgi on earth or is AKC standards outdated (I know it's just a guide, etc.)?

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looking at your photos he really doesn't seem overweight at all. I know we do have some big boned pups around here so I think its safe to say that just like any life form everything comes in different sizes :)

I think the AKC breed standards is what the normal range should be but it doesn't mean your corgi isn't a corgi if it's not perfect ;)

We also have some mini pups too (someone has an adult thats only 10 lbs?)

I think as long as it really is just big bones/muscle and not fat your good.
Jessica, a good way to judge if your pup is overweight is to feel for his ribs. If you have to apply pressure to find them, he's probably overweight. The AKC standards for each breed are set by the breed club and are what they are so the dog can do what it was bred for. "Form follows function" They're not outdated, but are updated if needed by PWCCA or CWCCA (Breed clubs for pembrokes and cardigans). Remember that most of us corgiphiles have pet quality pups and therefore may not conform to the breed standard. For example, Timmy is oversized, he was the "beast of the litter". Today he weighs 36 pounds and according to the vet has the heart and physical structure of an athlete. Would he be a good dog to breed or be an example of his breed, NO WAY! He's a conformation, throwback and oversized, so for what his breeds purpose is, he would not function well. His size would hinder him. For the work he does do, therapy dog and obedience he's great. That's his temperment and he's a true corgi and I couldn't love him any more than I do.

Don't judge your corgi by what others consider ideal. Work with your vet and then decide whether your pup is at an ideal weight for his size.

Sylvia and Timmy
Kirby is 33 pounds and the vet says he is just fine. I switched Kirby to the Nutro Max Weight Control Formula. I am hoping this will help Kirby get to the correct weight. Maybe try switching your doggy to something like that :)
Hi Jessica,

Our Milo is 2 years old and currently weighs 32.2 lbs. He lost weight from the 34 lbs. he had over a month ago. According to our vet, he is a bit heavy. I agree also but he's definitely not obese. We switched to a more holistic food brand for him. Also, due to his heavier weight, he actually tore his ACL. From your site, your corgi looks fine. The AKC standard of 28 lbs makes our Milo seem really fat so that worries me too.

By the way, Taylos is very beautiful!
You have an oversized guy and you are not alone. My first Corgi Basil was oversized, but not overweight at 35 lbs. My lizzie is obese at 35 lbs and is on a diet.
His pictures appear that he is in very good flesh. Muscles defined, waistline.....looks like you have done a grand job!
Which corgi? PWCs are generally smaller than thier CWC cousins. Emma, my CWC, is a little on the light side, right where the vet wants her, which is between 28-30 pounds.
My Taylor is a 1.5 yr old male PWC


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