What are some cool tricks that your corgis can do?

I haven't tried too many things, but aside from the usual sit, down and stay, I have taught Oliver a few fun things...

We play catch with a tennis ball (and he'll bring it back to me and put it in my hand), he gives kisses on command, shakes your hand, gives you high fives, plays dead, and rolls over. The kisses are the best - although I've been poked in the eye by his nose a couple times!

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I dont see why memory games wouldnt work with a Corgi. The basic idea is to start off with 2 of his/her familier toys, put them close and in front of her while she is sitting. Tell her to get her "Something" and point out the one you would like her to identify with "Something". Once she has it have her drop it and reward. Then set everything up again and have her get her "Something Else" and help her find it amongst the two items and reward her when she brings it to you. You repeat moving the items farther away from her and switching the positions of them eventually adding in more items. Eventually she can identify all of her toys!
Thanks for the suggestion of the memory game. Sounds easy enough. I got this idea from something I saw a couple of weeks ago on tv about a border collie in China ( I think) and he could pick out everyone of his toys consistently out of maybe 100 or so toys. It was amazing that he could actually know that many named objects! I figure if a border collie can do it so can a corgi!

I like that memory game. We are getting Trudy to pick up her toys and put them back into the barrel where we keep them. She gets loved up when she does it correctly - so that is usually her reward. It's a little hit and miss, trial and error right now, but she is coming along. Corgis are very smart and love to play games and to please us and when some kind of reward, either some extra lovin' or a yummy treat is part of the game, they really want to play.
Hi Shelby:

I just joined and yes, my Corgi LOVES snow peas, carrots, turnips, almost all vegetables. He has had bowel problems before we adopted him but has been fine with us with lots of veggies in his diet.
Yes, they can do the bear thing. Buster, our Corgi, taught it to himself. He actually waves his top hands; we call it "the Wave". I am trying to perfect it so that he will do it on command. Sometimes he just stands and doesn't wave. When that happens, I kneel in front of him and say "do the wave" over and over while I wave my hands to. He is definitely learning. He is 9 years old and is a Cardigan and weights 47 lbs and doing this doesn't seem to hurt his back at all. He has been vet checked and has a large bone structure and a LOT of muscle and isnt' overweight. So, if he can do it at his age and weight then I think a puppy should be able to. Also, I am working on teaching him names for all his toys. He is definitely learning. I have 3 short videos on Youtube (not the best production) but shows him doing these things. I haven't been able to figure out how to put videos or pictures on "My Page" but I've included the YouTube links below.

!st time Buster did the wave:


Buster plays with toys:


Buster perfects "The Wave"

Maybe you can help me: How did you teach Sadie to shake, bang dead, etc. Also, do you know how to add pictures or videos to "My Page".

Thanks for your help. Not quite sure if you will be messaged about this reply so I'll try to cut and paste it to your page.

My favorite show-off trick:

"Look how smart my dog is."

Sit the dog in front of you. Show it both of your open palms, with a treat in one. Then hide both hands behind your back, switch treat from one hand to another. Then present both closed fists to your dog.

"Guess which hand the treat is in?"

Subtly present the now-empty hand first (so spectators will not notice the prompt). When the dog sniffs the empty fist, open it. When dog switches to the other fist, open it and give the treat.

"see? She's so smart, it never takes her more than 2 guesses."
THE DOG LEASH OF THE FUTURE. My favorite trick.

I found a toy ray-gun thing with all kinds of bells & whistles & beeps. It requires a hole in the barrel end that will hold a small treat, plus a dog with a reliable recall and sit-stay command.

Announce to spectators that this is a new invention, the cordless dog leash of the future: no more tangled knots or tripping over leashes, merely a common tractor-beam tuned to your dog's individual aura, just like Star Trek.

Sit-stay your dog at a moderate distance. Put a treat in the end of the ray gun (explain, with a twinkle in your eye, that it must be loaded), aim it at your dog and hold a bead on its nose as you press the trigger and say, "Come". Hold your aim steadily on the dog's nose until it comes up and gets the treat. It looks like the ray gun is reeling in the dog like a fish on a line.

Small children love this trick. They don't catch on about the treat. They say, "Wow! Can I try it?! Will it work on my little brother?!?"
I have taught Charlie the basics minus shake because he hates his feet touched. But he loves Frisbee and can play all day! I def. recommend the soft ones because the plastic ones make his mouth bleed. The floppy ones at Wal-Mart sell for almost a 3rd less than Petsmart and they are the same brand and same size.

I have also taught Charlie to jump through my arms when I put them together like a loop and we are still working on the one where he sits and I put the treat on his nose until I snap and then he flicks it up and into his mouth. My friend's cockerspaniel can do it, so I know Charlie can as well. He can def. flick it and catch it from his nose, but we are still working on the part where he sits with it on his face for a second or two. ;)
Tank does all kinds of tricks. The folks in the nursing homes just love him. But the best, so far, is teaching Moira to "whisper." She gives a cute, quiet "woof." And then we have her "speak" which is, of course, louder. My classes have thought that was cool, but only one of my clients has been able to teach it to her own dog (a Sealyham). Tank does "speak" but with each command of "louder" he gets more vocal. But the "whisper" is always a hit!

Another one I have Tank do for my classes is a controlled retrieve. I place several objects and treats around the training ring while Tank does a sit/stay. Once they are placed, Tank sit/stays in the middle of the ring and I tell him which objects he can go get and return to me. It's a blast when teaching leave it/take it. Most clients are amazed he can control himself so well with treats and toys all over the place!
These are all pretty neat. Nevaeh knows the basics, sit, laydown, and leave it. I would love to teach her "whisper" . How do you go about doing that?
when i was about 12 i got my corgi and i taught her LOTS of things!
she knew all of the normal tricks listed on here etc, but here are the ones either i made up or heard of and trained her to do. fast learner and the desire to be challanged and to learn more! (normal corgi traits!)

*Bang (then I would "shoot" her again and she would flinch like she was getting shot again)
*shake - she would shake her head and sometimes body... it was great after a bath or coming in from the rain when i wanted her to get rid of the water
*Kiss - but she was taught not to lick. so she would poke you in the face with her nose, so those of you that have had your eye poked with their nose... well that was pretty normal for us! I think she thought that was what we were asking :) i didn't mind it!
*wait - treat in front of her, on her nose, on her paw, where ever! she would look at it and drool, but eventually she would give up and look at me like, "can I eat it yet? you are taking forever!"
*bow - with her little stubby butt up in the air!
*no good name for this one, but we called it the little begger - when we would give her a treat we would ask if she wanted more and she would quitely lay her head/snout on our lap and look up with the sad puppy eyes... i regretting teaching her this because my mom was the biggest sucker for it! Rugby would be hanging out on the couch with us and she would walk up to my mom and do it! yup, mom caved and found some treat or food for her most times!
*Which Hand? - she would paw my closed hand that had a treat or toy in it... she knew if she got it wrong she would have to paw the other hand and if i didn't open it fast enough she would try and get her nose between my fingers lol
*Eight - she would do a figure eight around my legs - this really impressed people!

there where more but i can't remember as it's been 3 years since she passed away.

OH! I just remembered the one that probably impressed people the most!
*find it - we would hide an open bag of treats while she was hidden under a blanket (she looked like eliot from pete's dragon!) and waiting then we would take the blanket off and she would go find the bag, get it out of it's hiding spot and bring the bag back to us for her treat. if we didn't notice she found the bag and brought it to us she would start tossing it in the air for a treat to fall out and sometimes she would just stuff her nose into it if we took too long but 98% of the time she was perfect to bring it to us :)
aww lots of fun tricks!
neeka can sit, shake a paw/other paw, lay down, kisses, nosees (touch her nose with mine) play dead (but she will only do it on her side) get your leash (she finds he leash and brings it to the door) go see (bark at the door) speak (except half the time she just mouths a bark haha) get your bear, get your toy, get your ball (or where is your ball/toy/bear and she will search for it)
im trying to teach her roll over..actually i have been trying for months and months, she gets to her side and wildly kicks her back legs its hilarious but she doesn't or can't roll over, if i put my hand on her side she rolls over..but otherwise she lies on her side and kicks her back legs wildly! any suggestions (i sometimes put a treat on the other side of her but i would rather reward her with pets)? i need more tricks too! she picks them up sooo quick and i can't keep up teaching her new ones haha.
Duncan doesn't do tricks, at least I don't call them tricks. If he wants peanut butter in his Kong, he has to carry it to the kitchen. Sometimes, I ask if he wants peanut butter to find his Kong, he will. He know the name of some of his toys, like his lizard (which is a dinosaur), his tug, his pig, his monkey and his raff (a stuffed giraffe).

And, I think he knows how to spell. He understands, the words out, shower, walk and treat. Of course, he probably just put two and two together whenever we would spell those words, that would happen next.

He also knows when my husband is going to take a shower. He doesn't have to say a word and he'll takes them at different times; but Duncan knows. If almost seems like he can read my husband's thought...LOL. He gets excited, tries to help him get undressed faster by pulling on his pants/shorts and then runs to the bathroom and hangs over the tub. Oh, and I forgot to mention BARKING the whole time. He doesn't do this with me, just my husband.


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