How often does everyone have to comb their dogs? I seem to always have hair everywhere brushing then twice a week. The Furminator brush works really well by the way. 

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For me it depends on how bad they're shedding at the time. Right now they're not so bad, so I might do it once every two weeks or so. When they're blowing coat I probably brush/furminate them outside every other day. They still leave hair everywhere though. hehe
Luckily the birds love it, lol.

We have a furminator for shed times, a wide tooth comb for whenever, and also a regular plastic human comb (because it's softer for her ears and belly). This time of year, I brush her about once a week since she doesn't like being brushed. Shed time I brush every day/every other day to get those clumps out.  But like I said, she doesn't like it, so 5 mins or less she's done.  I do less time, more often.

I've never had a furminator -- I worry about that cutting edge taking out too much fur -- I comb with a standard wide-tooth comb maybe once every two months, maybe less  -- I just don't want them to get matted.  If I combed more often, maybe once a month, I think it would be easier.

I comb when the mood strikes:  I've had a bad day, need to relax, quiet down-time.  Gwynnie doesn't like it, so Al is always last, for him, it's a massage, sometimes he falls asleep in my lap.  Combing the dog is a meditation.

Is there a technique that I should be using with that wide toothed comb? I have one (from our dearly departed lab mixes) that worked like a charm on them, but doesn't seem to dislodge anything on our girls.  Only the furminator seems to get the fluff out. 

I have read many express the concern about the furminator though, so I don't use it as often as I might like (to keep the fur drifts down in the house). If I could get that comb to work, it'd be great.


Maybe it's because my girls are only about a year old and aren't fully fluffed yet?

I use the Furminator about twice a month, but I do what John does above me -- I give a massage and allow them to relax before I start combing.

Do Corgi's ever stop shedding... but she gets a good run down about once a week with the fur removal comb, every other day is a light brushing and working with contact behaviors.

So far I've found hair in my...

Soap Bar

Coffee Mug ( used and straight out of the clean dishes)

Pockets of my pants ( any pocket anywhere on any clothing for that matter).


Body wash
Book Bag

Ear Phones

Various Sealed food storage containers


and in my ear.

With that said, I think brushing them is just a form of amusement for them to laugh at us, they know the fur will win.

it's like weeding the garden.  It's sort of a zen activity (like John said)- mindless and sort of satisfying (you think you have accomplished something)  but three days later it's all undone!

Today though the vet commented on Jazmin's coat, he said it was very healthy. He ran a flea comb through it and pulled out very few hairs. I thought for sure it was going to be a pile and a half that was removed.

Anyone know some home remedies to maintain the coat shine, I've heard egg's help with that. Just wanted to get a take on that one.

I brush Gwenie daily. I also wash her face with her wash cloth. She and I can talk then I make it our time just us.


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