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We were thinking about getting this for our babies.... has anyone tried it or heard anything?


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I haven't tried the peticure, but I've seen one in action. Here's what I've learned about them from my trainer. First, if you want the peticure, go to Home Depot and buy a dremel. Then buy the peticure attachment that goes on top of the dremel. I've been told by several people that the motor on the peticure's version is crap. The dremels you can buy elsewhere are still cordless and have varying speeds so it's easier to handle a dog with tougher nails. Second, the attachment that goes on your dremel is helpful because it catches the nail filings. Right now my husband and I have to do it outside so we don't get nail dust everywhere. We want to buy the attachment so we can do it inside without making a mess.

Basically all the peticure does is provide a way for people who don't like messes and power tools to file their dogs nails. It's still just a dremel though. It does not protect against filing to far down to the quick so you still need to be careful and watch what you're doing.
thank you! I think your reply has been the most informative. I think i'll look into getting the Dremel instead of the peticure...
i just got it for 20$ at bed bath and beyond !! i cant wait to try it!!
I have heard from others that have bought this that they took them back. They were junk. At walmart you can get a 2 speed dremel for $25.00.
I don't think it was made for large nails. My Samoyed was tolerable (Thank God), because his nails stopped the motion. You just do a little at a time and it works fine. Our corgi thought it was another fun toy that makes noise. I wish my dogs liked it as well as the animals in the commercial. It made my cats nails like killing daggers. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I did follow the instructions.
I've had the Elite version for about five months now and it does a good job for me. I think where some make a mistake is getting the smaller version that's about $30. The larger one had the attachment that has several sized holes up to one large enough for an alligator. The motor does leave a bit to be desired as I think the Dremel would probably work better but charge the Peticure up before using it and it does the job plus you have speed settings from 0-10. Whatever works for you and your Corgi is the one to use. I still take Bubba in to see the vet now and then for those guys to do his nails as I'm a bit of a chicken to get too close and they're not.
Ok, I bought and finally tried the peticure dremel attachment (as opposed to the entire unit). It fits perfectly on my imitation dremel, and it works like a dream! It caught all of Theo's shavings without making a mess, and it protected the sander against Theo trying to bite it when he got crabby. I heard the motor on the peticure unit wasn't great, so this seemed like a better option, since I already have a sander.

For those who don't know, the dremel attachment basically screws on to the top of most dremel models. It's just the plastic casing. You insert the nail through the correct sized hole, and sand away! I highly recommend.
where did you get the peticure dremel attachment. Found one online but was wondering if any stores sell them?
we had 2 dremel tools already at home.
We bought the Peticure and I am not that impressed. It works well if you are trimming your dogs nails regularly. It doesn't take that much off at a time so you'll be sanding those claws for a long time. Kitsie didn't mind the noise too much but I didn't like it. My advice is to clip your dogs nails to get most of the nail off, then use the Peticure to sand them smooth.
I have the Peticure, just got it. It's great! So much better than clippers. You just have to have the patience because it works ssslllloooooooooooowwwwllllllyyyy.....one little layer of nail at a time.
We got it for our dogs, but they are terrified of it. It is noisy and vibrates. I can't get my dog near it.
I have the Pedi Paws, the same thing, but you can buy it at WalGreens. You have to get some dogs used to it for a while. Penelope has a fit until we get the first nail done. It is a complete challenge to hold her still, but once she sees it doesn't hurt her like the clippers, she'll just sit there and let us hold her and grind a little. She tires of it quickly though. We usually get to the last paw and she's had enough. It is slow though. You have to do it more often than clippers because if you try to to file a lot in one sitting, it gets hot and hurts them (my parents did that with their dog once, oops). It sure beats fighting for a long time with the clippers and then having to file the 16 razors we are left with afterwards!


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