Ok...so I try to brush my corgi for a few minutes every day (when I'm home anyways, I live in ny, he lives w/ my parents in Mass)...brushing every day helps...to a point. Today I broke down and bought a $40 small furminator. I really didn't want to spend the money, it seems like an insane amount for a dog brush, but I just had to see for myself what I have been hearing from everyone else who has one....

oh. my. god. that is all i can say! normally, when you pat gizmo, loose fur comes off with every stroke.... I just spent about 5 minutes on him with the furminator, and no fur is coming off when I pat him now!! The size of fur ball on my living room rug looks like i shaved a golden retriever! haha Gizmo loved it, he sat there with a big smile on his face the whole time, so obviously it didnt hurt. You just will not know what it's like until you try one. it is UNBELIEVABLE. thats the only way i can describe it!!! And he even LOOKS better. He didnt look bad before at all, but I dont know what it is, he just looks BETTER now. I'm sure my mom will be happy she can cut back on vaccuming a little bit....


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OMG yes the furminator is amazing! I have one too but Charlie does hate being brushed so thankfully this one brush does a lot in one sitting!
Where do yo get the furminator at?
best place is www.amazon.com. =) they have the best prices and are easy to buy from. Either that or try www.ebay.com. Also, if you don't shop online, you can get them at any pet store - Petsmart, Petco - but you'll be paying a little under twice the amount in store vs. online.
It was great to get one through this weh site (especially with the sale price right now) I couldn't believe the amount of hair! I thought the undercoat rake was doing a good job! We had Brody around a bunch of people today and they couldn't believe how soft his coat was.
We are getting our puppy next week and I wondered what other type of brush I should have. I saw pin brushes, and some stiff boar bristle ones, and stiff hard plastic, and something called a Zooom Groom. They are all so different. What do you recommend for puppies first brush? (I jumped the gun a little bit and already got the Furminator after seeing the cool videos and info on this site!)
i have a furminator and a regular brush (its a double sided one side is bristle and the other is i think the stiff hard plastic your referring to). furminators can irritate the skin, so i use the furminator once (maybe twice) a week, and the other days i pretty him up with the regular brush. =P
I use an extra small pony-brush (literally for horses) and Cheez-it (9 wks) loves it. It is basically a slightly curved wood dowel with tightly packed but extremely thin boars hair and it is sort of soft and not stuff at all. I have a FURminator but he doesnt really have much hair so I havent used it yet, but I cant wait to try it out to see for myself. I got the medium one, what did everyone else get?
Wow can you use it on dogs at any age ??? I'm thinking about getting one.
When you do you stop? I got one yesterday and when I started... it seemed like it was never going to end.... I just gave up and will try again another day.
i stopped when it looked like he had lost 5 lbs haha he seriously looks skinnier
my husband was convinced Brody was "fat" until he lost a bunch of weight with the "furmiantor diet"
lol I am convinced his is fat as well but lets see how much more weight he will lose... but is there a point where the furminator doesnt remove any more hair?


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