Ok...so I try to brush my corgi for a few minutes every day (when I'm home anyways, I live in ny, he lives w/ my parents in Mass)...brushing every day helps...to a point. Today I broke down and bought a $40 small furminator. I really didn't want to spend the money, it seems like an insane amount for a dog brush, but I just had to see for myself what I have been hearing from everyone else who has one....

oh. my. god. that is all i can say! normally, when you pat gizmo, loose fur comes off with every stroke.... I just spent about 5 minutes on him with the furminator, and no fur is coming off when I pat him now!! The size of fur ball on my living room rug looks like i shaved a golden retriever! haha Gizmo loved it, he sat there with a big smile on his face the whole time, so obviously it didnt hurt. You just will not know what it's like until you try one. it is UNBELIEVABLE. thats the only way i can describe it!!! And he even LOOKS better. He didnt look bad before at all, but I dont know what it is, he just looks BETTER now. I'm sure my mom will be happy she can cut back on vaccuming a little bit....


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Be careful not to brush for too long or too often though.  I brushed Mousse one day until I didnt get anymore fur out, and now she has little bald patches where the remaining fur fell out from overbrushing :(
Poopdeck is a bit over 1 1/2 years old now and I could have made at least two new Corgis out of the hair I have harvested with our furminator.  I've also heard there are pills you can give them to help curtail shedding; and shampoo as well.  I have not tried either one.

I'm ordering this product online for my 3 month old Corgi but I'm a little confused... should I be ordering the one meant for long hair or short hair?

Hi Dora, you can use the furminator when your corgi is older and starts to blow its coat. A small or medium size furminator short hair is fine for a regular coat corgi. If you have other medium / large size dog at home, medium size might be better for you.

Oh, ok. Thanks!


BTW, when does a corgi start to blow its coat? I'm just curious because I've been brushing my corgi with a soft slicker brush and I notice that it's full of hair after about 10 strokes!

When their adult coat comes, around 8-9 mo. When you can use your fingers to pick out "clumps" of hair, that's blowing coat. A slicker brush is fine, once a week is efficient. If you do get the furminator, make sure you read the instructions, make sure you lift up at the end of each stroke.
Okay, I had to buy a furminator and all I can say is wow!!  My babies have always enjoyed being brushed so luckily that is not an issue.  I brush them fairly often, but man this thing was the best!  I couldn't believe how much fur flew!  There  was fur all over the yard (because the wind took it and blew it into the yard).  It was worth the cost!
Thanks for the review,I have been debating buying one. I think I'll try it !!!!
hahahahaha my mom made us buy one of these for my corgis. they like it, too!
The FURMINATOR is the BEST!!!  I use it outside because so so so much hair comes off Ralphy when you use it.  When we adopted him two weeks ago he was HAIRY...........to the point that I was unsure that I wanted him.  I did not want my clothes and my house to be covered in hair all the time.  We tried three types of combs and brushes....they did not do much.  My aunt gave me a furminator and it SAVED me from the hair worrys!!  I will never use anything else.  Ralphy loves being brushed with it!!

I couldn't live with my family if I didn't have a furminator. I have 3 corgis living in my house.


I nearly bought the Furminator, too, but I thankfully found a comparable Furminator type brush at Walmart for $26. It's about the same size as the $50 version of the Furminator and works just as well. The blade/brush type looks identical as the Furminator's so I figured I'd try it out. I'm happy to say it works beautifully. 



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