Just thought I'd throw this out in a discussion... I have been wondering and I know others are too... is MyCorgi planning a 2013 12 Month Calendar?  I know the 365-day didn't work out, but that doesn't mean we don't all want to keep trying!!  Please Sam, don't give up on us now!!

REPLY BY SAM - Nov 18th

It's ON!!


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Im pretty sure it is safe to say there will not be a 12 month calendar, as there was not a contest for it this year.  Sam had a pretty busy year with Mocha getting sick and now Vienna and also his grandfather was sick as well. 

Unfortunately, I doubt we could  get submissions, selections and printing done in time for 2013 :(

Maybe we should start to do the 2014 -  365....?

I understand Sam has been through a rough year. It is a big project for anybody to take on alone, no even mention life is sometimes difficult...

Is there anything WE could do to make it happens in the near furture?

I've been very busy, but .... If there's enough demand, we may be able to submit / vote / print, all in 3 weeks, my biggest concern is demand, there's several corgi calendars out there, plus the recent squishable release, I'm not sure if the public still still have a budget and desire to purchase another calendar. Thoughts? I'm all ears.

How many we need to make it happen at this point?

I have been holding out on buying any 2013 calendars in hopes that MyCorgi would make one.  I am just hoping that a possible 2013 calendar would be more diverse than last year.  Seems like last year's calendar was all pems, with little to no cardis or mixes.  If you need commitment for this project to go ahead, then I will personally pledge to buy at least 4 calendars, whether they have cardis in them or not!!

I want a calendar as  much as you, Chris. But, I think you have to respect Sam's decision. He tried so hard to get the 365-day calendar for 2013 or 2014, and lack of support/interest led to his returning my money and everyone else who contributed via pay pal. 2013 is only one month away. It's not feasible. His calendars are very time-consuming and labor-intense. Not like the ones we get made through iPhoto and its ilk. Best we cut Sam some slack and wait until 2014.

Wouldn't it be fun if we could pick our own favorites out of the ones submitted for the 365 and each have our own 12 or 18 month calendar made?

Oops. I spoke to soon. Forgive me. I just saw Sam's comment.

I would love to have a calendar...Heck, I'd probably order two or three!

If a calendar definitely happens, I will be glad to purchase one. 


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