1.5 years old
Intact female (will be spayed before adoption)
Energetic, loves to run and go for walks, quiet in the house.
Loves people and cuddling.
Does well with other dogs and cats in the house
Needs work walking on leash, responds well to correction.
Ideal forever home:
US / Canada okay, No plane trips :)
Contact / questions:
Justine Moeller
514 677 0844

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Oh what a beauty and a great age! Hope she finds her furever home soon:)

Me too Jane! She is so much fun, been with us for 2 months now and only one inquiry who cancelled on us two days in a row so I said forget it..LOL! 

She is a total charmer, really loves her people and is starting to understand that playing is playing and doesnt have to escalate into anything else! She LOVES to play and LOVES running! We take her to my boyfriends dads place and she goes for hours!

ohhhhhh, she is so cute!   I wish could get her, but I already have three!
We have had a few inquiries to Chippie - now we have to find the best home for her! Exciting - thank you everyone!
YAY Chippie!!!
that's great news!!  good luck chippie!! : )
Good luck Chippie...may Justine help you find a great furever home:)
I ended with with 5 applications! It really is hard to pick the best person but I have to make sure the person is willing to work on Chippies sometimes dominant behavior. I think Chippie will be an American citizen soon :)
All right...just keep asking those questions. Do you have an adoption form? This makes it a little easier as I email mine to the interested parties and then they email me back. You would have to let them know that they would be one of several filling it out but I think it really helps! Or you could make it into a questionare for potential adopters???? If you want something like this I could email you what I use:)


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