The owner of these two lovely pembrokes died in a car accident.They are named Tally and Shiba and they are 6 & 7 years old

Two corgis need home

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 Oh, poor babies....I hope they can find a great home...this is soooooo sad!

I thought these two had been adopted a couple of months ago. Are you sure about this? Amy Carmona

This is an old post, for some reason it keeps re-circulating. They were adopted a day after the original post was published.

It's real, I talked to their foster parents today. The couple that adopted them had to send them back because the female is food aggressive. I believe if you scroll down in that thread you will see this.

Oh, I see. I'm not familiar with I saw this show up on FB. I'll go back and read this. Can't remember if this was on the Corgi Rescues of America group on FB or elsewhere.

important to note foster wants them adopted to San Diego only. <>

Has anyone contacted the Corgi rescue group with PWCC of Southern CA?? they have a very active group that does rescue. Here is the email address. If it's the same person doing it when I lived down there, it's Jane who managed the rescue group. She lived in Irvine area as I recall; she collected names of people that wanted rescues from all over southern CA; they did very intensive interview process before placing corgis. I fostered a few corgis while I lived in Escondido...June


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