3 year-old Tod won't jump on sofa/chairs since yesterday ... Input, plz

I've searched and came up with nothing that fits. Hopefully someone has experienced something similar.


Our 3 year-old Pembroke boy is allowed on beds/sofas/chairs ... We don't mind. Leather furniture = easy clean up. Tod is not overweight, but very athletic. That's why his behavior made us cautious.


Yesterday he jumped onto sofas with difficulty. Would not  do his 'stand'  trick. Today he'd come up to a sofa and look at me for help. 


At the same time Tod has great appetite, normal stool, will run after his tennis ball, come when called. Nothing out of the ordinary ... yet his refusal to jump on sofas is strange.


Oh, I feel I should add this. The night before my 11-year-old was playing chase with Tod. Tod was jumping on and off the sofa multiple times. She exercised him well, for he was panting afterwards for good half hour.

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Oh wow, sorry to hear that!  Hope he has a full recovery.

One tablet of Rimadyl made SUCH a difference. After my 1-hour walk he came to the door to greet me...then he ran to his crate and retrieved his tennis ball, asking for a game of fetch. But I know better:)  ... He will be pampered for the next 2 weeks:)))  And just for any owner, whose corgi may be in the same boat: corgis may look and act like tough little (med. size) dogs, but we need to teach our children to properly interact with them. My daughter (who loves Tod more than anything in her life) sure learned her lesson.

Wishes for a speedy recovery!!! 


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