Miles came to us with 1st and 2nd rounds of puppy shots. I scheduled his 3rd one in 2 weeks.

1. What will he be getting? ... and

2. Will I be able to start walking him in the neighborhood after that? Thanks.

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If he's had two sets of shots, you should already be taking him for walks now unless you live in an area with high Parvo risk.  Socialization is extremely important in very young puppies and trumps the 100% safety adhered to by some.  Shots are usually more than two weeks apart.  If he had shots at 8 wks., the next set is usually at 12 whs, and the last at 16 wks.  Some Vets push the last set out further.  The last set includes Rabies.

If you wait until the puppy has all the shots before taking the pup out into the neighborhood, you will lose socialization time that cannot be made up at a later age.  Just avoid places where a lot of dogs go and strange dogs.  Strange dogs does not include friendly neighborhood dogs you know something about.

Anna, thanks. That's the thing. People in my neighborhood REALLY like dogs. We have SO many of them pass by our house all day long. But I am not sure of how healthy they are. I am pretty sure about some of them, but not all. I do agree Miles Boy needs to get to know as many dogs, people, and kids as possible now. I guess I'll pay a lot and take him out for a little walk tomorrow.

Natalia, most dogs being walked are OK. I'd be careful of any loose dogs.  When in doubt, you can pick up the puppy.... Enjoy your walks and relax about it all.  Socialization to strange people, places and situations is more important than socialization to other dogs, so concentrate on those.  You will have fun raising  a self confident, outgoing companion.

Thanks, I hope McKenzie takes her last round of shots well.

Anna gave you some great advice here. Those first weeks are vital to get a puppy used to the world around them. Also, I would not wait to see the vet until the shots are due. Puppies should be checked by your vet within 48 hours of your getting them. They will be able to go over all the information with you about what he needs and when and why.

Agreed, I would take him in for a check up with his vet as soon as possible (like sometime this week) to get an exam, have his lungs and heart listened to, ears/eyes/teeth checked, etc. and to get started on a flea/heartworm regiment and have an intestinal parasite test done to check for worms. Then in two weeks you can go back in for the vaccines. With the third round of shots it usually includes a DHPP w/Lepto (distemper, hepatitus, parainfluenza, parvo, and leptospirosis all in one vaccine) and if you veterinarian offers it you can also get a canine influenza vaccine as well. Then typically about three weeks from then you will go back in for the 4th set of shots which usually includes DHPPw/lepto, rabies, and the influenza booster if you decided to give that vaccine as well. If he hasn't received his bordetella (kennel cough) yet he'll probably be getting that on your first visit in (usually in the form of a nasal spray). Some veterinarians don't administer lepto because some pups can have reactions to it but it is something that can be spread to humans so it's good to get them vaccinated against it. If he is getting it with lepto be sure to monitor him after the vaccine for facial swelling, vomiting and diarrhea; its not a common thing but it does happen so its good to be aware (they'll tell you all this at your vet visit).

As far as walking your dog, I would just be careful with who he comes in contact with on his walk and where you are walking him. You don't want to sound snooty, lol, but you may ask anyone if their dog is up to date on all its vaccines before you allow your pup to interact with them.

thank you, Monica.


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