Hello all!!

My corgi puppy Harvey turned 5 months old today. At his last vet visit a week and a half ago he was 14.1lbs. He seems to be pretty small, I was wondering if he is still going to grow anymore? I would think as they near 6 months they slowly stop growing.

His mom was considered small for breed standards, as I was told by Breeder. The Dad was short but very stocky looking. The Paternal Grandfather looked taller and much bigger.

I don't have a problem with having a smaller corgi, just wondering if I should expect him to get any bigger?

Here is his picture, hope it worked! I just copy/pasted from Facebook.

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Like people, they have different growth rates.  Like Jane said, MOST have their height and length by 6 months, but fill out after that primarily in the chest.


But you know how some kids reach their adult height by early high school, but then you run into that one guy who was 5 foot 5 and 130 pounds when you graduated high school, and four years later he's 6 feet tall and has doubled the breadth of his shoulders?   Some dogs also have later than normal growth spurts. 


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