Waffle does a few weird things that I can't seem to figure out.  Can you guys try to tell me why he does them, and if it's just him?  Thanks.

1)  Drinking.  All things drink.  Waffle drinks like he hasn't drunk before--all the time.  If his water bowl is full, he will empty it.  He will drink more than his tummy is physically capable of holding, and then he will cough it up within a minute of finishing.  He does not vomit any other time. -_-" Hurrdurr.  I've been able to head this off by filling it up only a little each time instead of to the top.  But, what gives?

2) "Burying" stuff.  When he gets something he really really likes, like pig ears, he walks around and wants to hide it somewhere.  That's normal.  But, he ALWAYS decides to put it under my butt, or if I'm in bed, in the crook of my neck.  Or on my face.  And then he gets REALLY upset if you move it, then tries to put it back. 

3) I had a third thing, but I don't remember what it is.  Hmm.

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So what I'm hearing from most everyone is... Waffle is just a special dude? ;3
@ Chris+Frosty: I AM SO GLAD SOMEONE DOES THIS BESIDES WAFFLE. Yes, that deserved all caps. As for everyone else, I'll ask my vet about it the next time I go in. It's my understanding that his siblings all do this, too. Maybe they're just a thirsty bunch of furballs.

I suffer from a chronic disease known as "Pigearicus Butticus". It's a chronic condition that means I'm almost always sitting on something Waffle values very dearly.
Oh Rachael! I feel your butt pain!! LOL I too am always entrusted with one of Igor's toys or bones that he "burys" under my butt! And if I decided I don't want it under my butt he decides to take it upstairs and burys it under my pillow or in my bedsheets. Oh how honored we "Keeper of Corgi Treasures" are!
1. Who knows! My Zwei does the same exact thing. We've given him ice instead of water because of this. We're able to control how much he drinks.
He may be too hot, and is drinking water to cool down since he isn't capable of sweating. Try putting a fan near him and see if that decreases his water intake.
Also, get his teeth and kidneys checked. There's a link between tooth decay and renal failure, and obsessive drinking is a symptom.
Or he may also just be eccentric. :)

The burying thing is just plain cute!
My JP doesnt really drink water like that, but... she will attack you whenever you have a drink in your hand! She loves to lick the condensation from the glasses and thinks we must share our coffee with her in the am! She hasnt buried any treats or toys yet but she will sit on them to keep our other dog from getting them. HAHA!! Then they have a bark fest to see who will move first!
Bella loves to bury her treats. She'll walk around the house with the saddest puppy eyes I have ever seen as if she doesn't want the treat anymore. Sometimes she'll try to bury them in my hand when I'm laying on the bed or the couch, but usually she'll bury them inside the house or under a blanket.


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