Hi Everyone.  I have a darling very sweet female corgi. She is 4 1/2 years ago.  We also have a very old shitzuh also female.  I am planning on getting a new corgi puppy from a friend.  Will another female be okay to add to the pack?  or will my female corgi get along better with a male pup?  Any suggestions?  Thanks for any input.


suzan and tommie girl

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Is Tommie Girl spayed?  Do you have a choice of male or female pups?  I have heard female-female relationships can be challenging, especially when they're not spayed, but not impossible.  My Dewi's breeder has several females and they do just fine together.  There are other posters on here with multi-female households; maybe one will chime in...

My understanding is it's male/female, male/male, and then female/female combinations for the best chance for success. There are always exceptions though. If you have a choice I'd get a boy personally.

We wanted all girls so we ended up with 4 of them.  We didn't have any problems - we spayed them all at 6 month.  We had a lot of control with puppies because they stayed seperated unless we were around.  It only took us a couple of minutes to know it was going to be ok to let the big dogs on the same floor as the pups on the first day - when we were around of course.  Would a male have been easier?  I don't know. 




Thanks for the input so far.  So helpful!  My corgi is spayed and I think I will have the choice of male of female.  This was great hearing from others who have more than one corgi.  Thanks so much!

It really depends on the dogs.  I have two females that get along as best friends...I've always had a mix of over two dogs, and it really just depends on their temperment!  It also depends on how you as a "pack leader" are.  I've never had any problems, but I think I've just gotten lucky!  My alpha male was a Newfoundland, and I think he was pack leader just by sheer size.  Now I have the two females that are best friends, and a male we just added that is 7 years.  My problem now is between my very dominant female, and my submissive male.  As a rule, the male should be in charge--and my very dominant female is having a problem with that.  No food aggression, but definite affection issues.  (Especially with me).  And the male is starting to fight back.  Soooo...I'm reasserting my dominance with the "Nothing in Life is Free" program, doing the Cesar pinning down thing (which I've always done for years), and spending some extra alone time with my female to let her know I still adore her.  Things are going well, but it takes time for everyone to settle in.  Things would go great if my female wasn't so aggressive....which I've never experienced before, but from what I read is pretty normal for this breed.

We have a female bouvier, not spayed, 5 years old, a corgi female 3 years old, spayed and a neutered male 1 and a half year old corgi (puppy of mom) and they all get along wonderfully.  Play together, no food agression, no problems.  The only problem I have is the two corgis being very aggressive and wanting to herd and grab the bouvier when we go out for a run, the bouv just waits for me to call them off, gets a head start and takes off for them to chase  and try and catch her.  The bouvier is the kindest of the three of them, if only she knew what she could do......thank goodness she doesn't..... If you set the boundaries I am sure you will not have a problem.  Good luck and enjoy your puppy...


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