I've only had Ein for about a week. So far he's sweet but kind of distant. He isn't crazy about being around us or acting all lovey dovey, the vet says it's because the people at petland didn't really play with him or show him attention other than when was necessary. Has anyone else had this problem with their Corgi?

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Give him some time, I'm sure he'll get comfy and feel like he's always been underfoot. My Ein isn't sure about tall thin men, or men in green camo uniforms. He raises his hackles and gves a 'watch out i know your up to something' type bark unitl we get up close then he gets all friendly.
He also feels the need to get up and run to be in or as close to in as any room I go to, even if the rest of the family hasn't moved. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for him developing separation anxiety, as it is he already barks and whines when we leave in the morning to take lil one to school even though daddy is still here.

Feed him, walk him and be available for him and he's sure to warm up to you
Camber is not affectionate much at all. We have had her almost a year, but has improved since our first days with her. She is tolerant, that is about it. It's going to take time, but I assume both our dogs will turn around.
I'd blame the pet store. Optimus came home almost 2 weeks ago and you can't get him to stop following you around or at least staring at you. It's funny when he'll just sit there watching me as I load or unload the dishwasher. Then out of nowhere he'll dash off around the corner and a minute later he'll be back to staring me down. He's so goofy. Anyways, best of luck with Ein. If it comes down to it, buy his love with treats :p
Find games that he enjoys, spend a lot of time with him in play. Tennis ball therapy. I'd expect him to quickly make the connection that you = fun.

Our Al & Gwynnie have quite different personalities, Al being the markedly affectionate love-hog cuddle-bunny. Gwynn tolerates cuddling; Al seeks it out. Gender difference? Or because we got Al at 12 weeks, and Gwynn at more like 24 weeks? Who can say? But they both LOVE to play.

The way to a dog's heart is through a ball? I recommend a soccer ball too.
Lola loves people more than anything, but she isn't always totally affectionate. She's very independant, but when she wants to snuggle, she'll let ya know!! Give him time & when he does act in a way that you approve of, or want more of, praise him with 'good boy!' and/or give him treats... then he'll know it's a good thing to be by his human :)


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