I have been trying to rescue a corgi for some time now--I had intended to buy a female puppy from a breeder, but all of the females passed away. :( I just heard of a senior corgi not doing well with the children in his home, and I was wondering what to expect from adopting a 10 year old male corgi. I've only ever had my 6 month old cardi, so I'm curious as to any precautions or what to expect in general, if this works out. Thanks :)

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We have adopted several senior corgis, the oldest 2 being 10 1/2 and 13 1/2. All of them were fabulous dogs! They have actually been more playful than some of our younger adoptees. You don't have to worry about chewing and house training. And there is much joy to be had from knowing that when their time comes to cross The Bridge, you have provided them with a safe, loving home. That older guy certainly does not deserve to be made unhappy by children at this stage of his life. I hope you will make him part of your family. Our experience tells me that you will absolutly not regret it!!
Oh definitely do it! They make the best pets once they adapt and figure out they are staying. The only drawback is you have less time to enjoy them...

Jennifer has one of my older rescues and I have Teddy who is about 10. He is the greatest and he seems to be soooooo thankful to have a home. I agree that the hardest part is not going to be having him long enough BUT giving an older dog a good home is a wonderful thing. I have pups once in awhile and mine have done fine:)

As for not getting along with children even though you didn't ask Wiley was scared to death of them but wasn't mean so it may be more of a scared thing and not knowing or never been socialized with kids.


Hope you consider her as she will give you tons of love back!


Oh please adopt the ol' fellow!  Perhaps being around your pup will bring some playfulness and joy back to him?  And giving him a loving home is a big bonus, too.  Thank you for considering doing this.
We've decide we're going to take him in :) I don't have a huge apartment, but I work from home so I take Mason to the park and on walks A LOT, and the owners were excited about that. Now I just have to arrange transportation and everything--he lives in the city my boyfriends parents are in, 6 hours away, so when he visits we'll go get little Yoda. :)
Hooooray!  Looking forward to photos!
Wonderful...can't wait to hear and see more!
Yay! We're hoping to be heading down to get him at the end of July or beginning of August...or meeting halfway sooner if possible. I can't wait to meet the little guy in real life.
Congrats! I know how hard it is to wait!
Fabulous news!!!! Maybe you just won't be able to stand the wait, and you'll be able to bring him home sooner. Of course we will want details and photos!!!!!
Awesome! I am so excited to see pictures! You are doing something absolutely wonderful, not only for him, but for yourself. You will have an absolutely wonderful time. Jackson is one of the best pets I've ever had...just so happy every day...absolutely loves life. It's a joy to see him smiling all the time. Makes you appreciate life! God bless you!
Thank you! I can't wait, I just hope that it still works out even with the time gap until we can go get him.....the family is very attached, but knows it will be better for him to be happier and have all the attention.


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