About 8 months ago we took in a 1 year old male corgi (Ein), to be a friend for our 3 year old female corgi (Boomer).
Ein has a great temperament and LOVES other dogs, however Boomer does not. We walk the 2 of them together and they act like best friends.  They play in our yard together with no problem.
However, in the house is a different story. Boomer behaves terribly and has tried to go after Ein. We have worked with a trainer and are trying her techniques but it's not working.  We can never leave them alone together in the house because we cannot trust Boomer.  Does anyone have any advice??  

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I'm sorry, I posted in the wrong spot. :(

A leash in the house will allow you to correct this immediately. Also check out Nothing In Life Is Free, it helps you see how you are contributing to her belief that she is in charge. Also, try to take some special time with her when she is behaving only.


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