Hello – we have a 13 month-old female Pembroke – who is, let’s say – confident, personality wise.  She loves other dogs.  We are getting a Cardigan puppy. We’ve done some informal surveys of humans with >1 dog, and most advise that the second dog, with a female dog already, must be a male.  

I notice that many of you have 2+ Corgis – what is your advice to us on this matter? Specifically - what characteristics should we seek?  Must Corgi #2, the Cardigan, be male in order to have the best hope for a smooth introduction to our home with a dominant female already?  Is a second female out of the question?

Thank you and Cheers from Newfoundland (Canada)!

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It really depends on Chinook and the new addition, some corgis are perfectly fine with being the queen of house, some do well with a companion, here's an answer from the FAQ
Hi Sam - appreciate your comments here and in the FAQ.

We have two girls who are sisters (littermates).
While the "double trouble" aspect did hold true for potty training, but that's realy the only problem we've had (they preferred to play rather than do their business).

So I think Sam has to be right. It depends on the girls. Is there a way you can try it out?
Hello Elizabeth, Hermoine and Luna! I wish there was a way to try things out - great suggestion, but the Cardigan is coming from central Canada - I am at the far east... Will have to rely on personality testing and gut feel. Thank you!
If you have a dominant female, an easy-going happy-go-lucky male would probably be your best choice.

There are many people out there who have two (or more) females that are great friends. However, when I hear about someone having to rehome a beloved dog because they have two dogs that hate each other and are trying to kill each other, it's normally two of the same sex, and most frequently two females.

When two dogs who are trying to live together truly hate each other, normally there is not much you can do to change their minds. Some people manage by maintaining the dogs separately, but personally I would rather not take the chance. Most behaviorists I have read recommend one of each sex if you are going to have two dogs, and if you are to have three, the third should be the same sex as the less dominant of your two.

Good luck with your decision.
Thanks Beth ... grateful for your comments!
Take a look at your current girl's personality. I know that my Lilliput is such a queen bitch, even with the boys, that I could only add another boy to the household. But not every girl is like that. My boy spaniel would accept anyone, even Lilliput:) That's just his personality, not his gender. If yours is laid back, not territorial, not dominant, not "Lilliput", then it may not be necessary to limit yourself to a girl. Dogs are individuals, and we usually are given generalities. I've had feelers our for a Cardi, just because I've read that, in general, they are a bit less fierce than my darling Pembroke. Or, "confident," one may say.
Thank you Julia - appreciate your advice!
I have somewhat strong views on this topic. I have witnessed two females fight like nothing I have ever seen. My cousin had two female Cockapoos. It was the most insane house I have ever been in!!! The only recourse was physically seperate them and let me tell you there was more than bite and scratch to my cousin. It escalated to vet trips on more than one occasion. Just not a good situation. I just did not put my female in the position that she would have to assert her authority over another female or that she would be dominated. I viewed her as to important to put her in that position because it is not pleasant for the dominant or non-dominant dog. Just my point of view.
We had two female dogs growing up who could not be in the same room together because they would fight and have to be physically separated. It made for a rather stressful household. One was a 16 pound cockapoo/mix, and the other was a fair-sized English Springer Spaniel.

The cockapoo would launch at the Springer whenver the Springer moved. When the springer passed we got a male lab and while they were not friends, there were no fights.


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