for the first time baden has found something hes afraid of and i have no idea why, the TV!! i dont understand it but hes afraid of the tv now, for no reason. 2weeks ago we were cuddling on the couch and it was almost like it was the first time he noticed that the tv even existed as he cocked his head back and fourth and then he jumped down and would not stop growling at it.

ever since then when the tv is on he will watch it but then he will growl and will not come into the living room when the tv is on. if he wants to be with me and i refuse to turn it off he acts all depressed and then when he walks by he will growl . so weird. dosnt matter if theres dogs or people on it

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Hey.... *I* am afraid of the TV.

Gwynnie used to be as terrified of soap bubbles as she is of thunder.

Billy is deathly afraid of the vacuum, and now the power drill.  He got so scared of the dril this weekend that he would NOT come out from under the bed.  NOW, he is jumpy at every sound he once was familiar with :(  I can't sweep my house he will attack the broom VIOLENTLY, also he will (Try, I dont let him get close enough) to attack the shredder here at work.  How do you get them comfortable with the vacuum without completly terrifying them forever?

Juno is afraid of those sewer covers on the it's metal or cement...he'll walk AROUND it. it's hilarious to me. But as others have said..treats do help as Juno will walk on it if he has treats! He used to be afraid of those yellow rubber for footing that you find at crosswalks...but now he walks on it thanks to the help of treats!


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