No...not his baby teeth...his new adult teeth!(attached pics) Just noticed today that one of Junos teeth is chipped! The tip is gone! It's the tooth in front of the big one in the back. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it(but i know they hide pain) as he ate his dinner normally & I was able to brush his teeth as usual. I was afraid there's a hole so I took a toothpick and tried to see if I can poke in and luckily I couldn't & I don't see any exposed "pulp" or red. There seems to still be surface despite the chip. None the less though, I am super worried because I know that there can be a crack or what have you(though I haven't seen any) it ok for him to have a chipped tooth if there's no opening? What should I keep an eye out for on this chipped tooth? Will it grind down even more in the near future to the point where the pulp/red may be exposed? What should i do? Juno's not even one yrs old yet and this has already happened sighh..why did i give him antlers?!

Oh! I've also already contacted the vet and sent them pics. so I will see what they say and wait to hear back. I've also attached pics here & any advice or opinions would be great! I can't help but worry right now. :(


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Looks relatively minor to me.

Here's a real chipped tooth.

Al broke or ground off the tips of his canines early in life.  At 6 y.o., he cracked and split his upper Rt carnasial tooth.  $630 for extraction and cleaning.  His teeth were horribly dirty, breath smelly.  Now they are puppy-clean like yours.  Do take a look at the last pics I posted of his worn canines.

I've loved giving them beef leg bones, but not any more; I reckon that's what cracked the tooth.  Gwynnie has never had a problem; at 9.5 years, she's lost one small incisor.  I'd say it's worth keeping your dog's teeth clean, but I don't know how to do it.  

I'll try to post pics of his new clean teeth on that thread.

Poor Juno!  I hope John is right about it being very minor...  Luffy sends out healing vibes 

what did the vet say?

Oh dear! I hope it turns out to be ok, good luck!

There's no telling what it is he chipped his tooth on, so don't stress yourself over whether or not it was something you gave him (like the antler.)  It could have happened when playing with another dog, at a doggy daycare/similar setting or when he got hold of something when you weren't looking.  It doesn't look like it's too bad, so maybe they won't have to do anything with the tooth?

See what your vet thinks. If it needs to be pulled, he'll do just fine without it. They only need the canines for tearing meat, so if he's on kibble he wont miss it.


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