Both Cody and Lucy suffer from allergies.  Cody was allergy tested and is allergic to a lot of different pollen.  Right now everyone (human) around me seems to be having sinus problems and so are my poor guys.  Cody is the worse, noisy nasal breathing and he looks like he has a headache, and doesn't want to do much but lay around.  I know I can give him Benadryl but it really makes him groggy.  I don't like to give it to him because he doesn't just go to sleep, he lays there looking terrified because he doesn't understand why he feels so drugged up.  Was wondering what some of you guys use. 

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I notice that my corig sometimes get 'allgeries' with his belly and 'underarms' get red.  the vet said it's probably not worth testing as there are so many things to which he could be allergic.  We do go a lot of places and compete in agility.  The vet suggested Benadryl, and that's what I use, but it sure doesn't make him groggy.  Don't know why it affects you dog so much.

Yeah, Cody is totally drugged out.  laying there trying to lift his head and really scared looking eyes.  If it just put him to sleep I would give it to him and let him get some rest but not when he looks like he is fighting it.  Now Lucy, on the other hand, acts like she was given cocaine.  She starts bouncing off the walls.

Luke gets generic claritin when he's really itchy.

how much? 

How much benadryl are you giving him? If you aren't maxing the dose when you give it, you could play around with the does a little do see if you can get the right amount that will let him feel better and not feel so drugged.


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