Laugh and cry at the same time. I just hope it is this easy

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How sweet!

Oh, I so hope that this is true!!  I look forward to seeing my pets more than I look forward to seeing the people I've lost!

Love it!

I did. I laughed, and then teared up.  I cannot wait to see my Coco, my Truman and my Bessie in heaven!


I'm fairly new to this whole having my own dog thing (2 days so far!), but I already appreciate this! So cute!

This has occurred to me already.  Mr. Peter has only to ask the dogs.  Can't fool a dog.

In my own case, I can only hope the testimony of my dogs outweighs that of the souls of innumerable laboratory mice who solemnly declare, "Yes, Mr. Peter.  That's him.  That's the man...."

All corgi owners, of course, will face the testimony, "Yes, Mr. Peter.  That's the person who starved me my entire life...."

Ha! Perhaps the dogs can bring the mice around for you.....


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