Cody stresses terribly when I leave for work. I thought I might give the "anxiety wrap" a try. I was wondering if anyone else has had success with one and what size is good for an adult corgi. Cody is about 30 lbs and his chest is 22 inches around. I don't want to get one that's too big since it works off of accupressure and needs to be snug. Thanks for any advice!

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It looks like he needs an XS. See the Anxiety Wrap website for instructions:  The weight should be used as a rough guide. Make sure you have an accurate girth measurement. Get it with the dog standing. You can also call the 800 number, 877-652-1266 for sizing assistance.

Thanks for the info :)

I bought one for Kirby, he had horrible separation anxiety.....he just chewed it off. They make treats cald Calming treats and they seemed to work well to take a little bit of the edge off.

Wow..chewed it off? I read that there are different degrees of anxiety...poor Kirby. I'll check into the calming treats. What's in them?

You can purchase a product called Composure which is a formulation of Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Colostrum and L-theanine. I have had clients who have seen a reduction in anxious behavior with this product.

Thanks, I'll check into that.

There are other products worth mentioning: Bach's Rescue Remedy, D.A.P. (dog appeasing pheromone - I recommend the spray that you would spray on a bandana and put on the dog as the best option but I have only seen a mild effect from that) and Through A Dog's Ear music for canines (there are other musicians that have produced audio recordings as well but I am most familiar with this one. There are also calming collars on the market that contain herbs but I have not found them to be effective.

i havent tried the anxiety wrap, but Emi uses a small size thunder shirt! she gets very anxious during thunderstorms, and it seems to help alot! and she looks pretty cute too. LOL

I was out doing some errands and stopped by a Petco and they had the Thunder shirts there. I went ahead and got one since they have a money back policy if it doesn't work. I tried it out (a sporty red one) on Cody and he didn't seem to mind it too badly. Had it on him about an hour. I then gave it a little test. I picked up my keys and purse and headed out the door. AMAZING...I only got one woof out of him. Normally he attacks my purse and throws a fit barking and jumping. The big test will be tomorrow when I go to work. So far, I'm impressed. Thanks for the advice :)

That's too bad. The Thundershirt is actually a knockoff. The Anxiety Wrap is the original and only patented pressure wrap and works much better. I have not seen the Thundershirt work for any of my clients who have ordered it by mistake. The Anxiety Wrap also comes with a money-back guarantee, costs about the same, but is a much better product, backed by clinical research. You can read more about the differences between the products in this article.

Great article and info. When I left for work this morning, Cody didn't seem to care that he had on the He barked and threw a fit just as he normally does. I'm going to try for a few more days before I return the Thunder Shirt. If I have to return it, I will try the Anxiety Wrap. I guess my main concern it that it looks so restrictive.

Thank you. The Anxiety Wrap is not restrictive at all. It is made of a special blend of fabric that is designed to allow nonrestricted movement. It resembles a ballet leotard to me. My dog has even worn hers in swimming.


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