Charlie and Alex have a really hard time settling down in a car ride even when we arent going to the vet.... Any Ideas for anxious dogs?

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What type of car & where do they ride? What have you tried so far? Here's what I do for my little guy: I have a pet bed in the car that is exactly like the one I have for him at home. I don't restrain him or put him in a carrier (my car is a too small to accomodate carriers). He has learned to remain on the pet bed and, I may be deluding myselfhere but, I think it helps that it is the one he's familiar with and feels safe in.
Our dogs hate being in the carrier in the car. They also get very anxious and one of them tends to vomit--I assume because he shifts around a lot in it. So, we started leaving them free in the car, but that also caused problems-they were absolutely fine with it, but they wanted to sit in the drivers lap. So, now our dogs are restrained. They still have enough movement that they can lay down or look out the window, but they are protected somewhat during a crash (we hope) and they aren't distracting to us.

Have you tried just going for a small ride, around the block and then back home?
I hope there is a suggestion on this. Duncan HATES car rides. I've tried taken him around the blocks, then walks afterwards. Taking him to a park for a good walk to make him see that all cars aren't heading to the vets. In fact, I've gone so far as to make sure that the only car the takes them to the vet is mine. That doesn't help when the dogs go into my husbands Jeep. He is still anixous and whines the whole time. You stop the car to let them out he is goes bonkers whining and yelping. Makes the idea of trips a big dread.
I think part of the blame is on us. When he was little, he would whine and we would talk to him and try to soothe him with pets and such. That I'm sure was a big no-no. So, now, I just let him whine and ignore him, he settles down after 10 minutes, but start back up again not long after that. The other dog LOVES car rides. She sees an open door and she'll jump in and lay right down, that you have to coax or lift her out of the car.
Start taking them anywhere, even a short trip to the local gas station or whatever. The more places you can the better. I did that and about a week later Cheez-it jumps up in his seat by himself.
Wow, never owned a dog that did not love going for car rides. Perhaps you can walk them before going in the car? Try putting them in the front seat. Have you tried different cars?

I try to take Camber where ever I go as long as she won't be in the car alone too long. As long as no one says "she can't come along" or it's a given she is not welcome at the destination; she coming along.
I do this too, as long as I'm not going someone where I cant bring him for more than 2 minutes (pay for gas ect..) He comes along.

Hey Crash, I think the trick is to go for lots of rides. Bear is just heart broken if we leave him at home but then he rides about 100K milles per year.
just want to say "I LOVE BEAR!"
We go to the mountains every weekend but they still aren't used to this...
We used to put them in the back of the car where there WAS a gate but they broke it and got trough to the front seat. (Keep in mind that we have a corgi and a yellow lab that is 95 pounds of CRAZYNESS) Whenever we stop at Starbucks or something they go NUTS! They need constant attention but I can't have my hand on them petting them both.
Oodeveer loves to go for rides but his little sister, Adeline isn't too excited about going anywhere in the car.
She does a lot better in the car at night so you might want to try short trips when it's dark. I guess there's less distractions and she has slowly gotten used to being in the car. My vet also suggested Dramamine for long trips and it does work, just be sure to follow the directions.
Sounds like we all need a little Cesar and Victoria!

What about having short introductions to the car? You ask them to get in, treat, get out, treat. Start small, practice obedience in the car, create a new, positive association with it. Maybe even work up to feeding in the car? It will take a bit of deliberate work, since we don't usually take our dogs in cars. I'm sure it can be done, though. We just need to think of ways to make it fun :)

Mine has been bad, but the intensity of her anxiety has decreased a lot lately. She was never noisy or vomiting, just shaky the whole ride. Now she doesn't shake, but doesn't look especially comfortable either.
I crate my corgi when I travel. No problems, no vomiting and no squirming!


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