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I very recently was at two events in NEPA which I was introduced to DockDogs diving competitions and two chapters, the fledgling Keystone DockDogs and the larger Delmarva (Deleware, Maryland, Virginia) DockDogs which is open to PA members (because Keystone previously didn't exist yadda yadda).  It was so facinating (and freaking funny) watching the actual demonstration and competition at the Bloomsburg Fair last weekend! According to the information booth they are open to more than large breeds and have weight divisions.   I was currious if anybody on MyCorgi participates in DockDogs? 

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I REALLY REALLY WOULD LOVE TO. I saw the championships on ESPN and fell in love. But, Waffle doesn't like water enough or fetching enough for it to be anything but cruel to him. :[ I wish we could do it!
Aw sorry to hear that your corgi isn't fond of water but that's cool you have seen DockDogs on TV! At the begining of this past summer our 1 yr old corgi was afraid of the pool and hates baths, but we ended the summer of 2010 bearly able to keep him out of the pool! (he still hates baths though)

Do you need a vest to keep them afloat or can they swim? We have a pool and a new puppy not sure how he will react this summer!

I totally want to get Franklin into Dock Diving. Not sure where to take him for that but he LOVES to dive:


Personally, although I think it'd be funny as heck to watch, I wouldn't recommend it.  When we go swimming with our corgi's, we use vests.  This is why--

We used to have a boat, and the first time we went Seanna wouldn't jump off.  So I nudged her off...and she sank like a rock.  And didn't come up for a REALLY long time (I'm sure it wasn't as long as it felt like).  I was just ready to jump in and dive for her, praying I could find her in the murky lake water, when she popped up.  With their little legs and disproportionate body size, they just don't swim well.  It's hard for them to surface, and they tire easier because of their little legs.

I"m going to have to disagree with this. Franklin is an excellent swimmer. I think its the difference between a nose dive and a belly flop. Franklin jumps off of things into the water and when he does it he is able to surface fairly quickly. I had a big lab mix I pushed off a dock once and he suck like a rock, yet he was an excellent swimmer when he went in on his own. I think its all in the control they have when they leave land, Frank swims in the river daily, if not weekly and can keep up with the big dogs no problem.  He does however ALWAYS wear a life vest when kayaking or boating.

Maddie does flying leaps and belly flops into the water all the time.  She would LOVE dock-diving but no one around here does it.  She swims like a fish.  Her cold tolerance is not as high as a lab's (different coat type) but as long as the weather is in the 50's or above she'll happily swim for the better part of an hour.  

Yes, this enormous wake is her going in.

I think it really just depends on the corgi. Boo wasn't much of a swimmer when we first got her and for the first summer we always used a vest. She has since outgrown the vest and LOVES swimming. She never jumps out of our boat, but she will belly flop from the dock as well as run out from the beach straight into the river.

Though her small legs may not let her keep up with the big labs, she loves the water just as much as they do and just goes shorter distances and knows her limits. I think it is really important to observe how your corgi is in the water and how well their swimming strengths are and go from there.

I've never tried DockDogs with Boo but I think it would be a fun thing to experience!

Oh, that would so be Maddie!  Wish someone had a facility around here. 

Lilliput would be SO into Dock Diving! That's what she does at the beach, all the time. We have to take walks away from the water to give her a break, because she would never stop on her own. If we don't throw the ball enough, she will roll the ball down the ramp off the dock herself and jump in after it!


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