I always wanted to be a handler for a Show dog.. People ask me to Show Ace but witht he recent comments i have gotten about him from a breeder whole lives in my county she sat there and talked down about him calling him small and just slightly acted like my pup was a horrible piece of Corgi and i was looking at some of the standards and i just want to know if Ace would be disqualifed on the things people have said... and is his Blaze to big?

Honestly to me Ace is perfect in every possible way i can think of and wouldnt trade him for anything =) i was just curious and wanted to know if there were any Handlers that could help me or Owners.. if he isnt qualified to show its fine by me =)

This is My Cutie =)


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try here :)
Is Ace neutered on was he purchased on a neuter contract? Breeders typically sell the show quality puppies to show people or other breeders and the rest are sold on limited registration with a neuter agreement to pet homes. Some breeders are willing to change the registration should the puppy develop into show quality but that would be something to discuss with the breeder.
No he isnt Neutered ... i heard neutering wasnt a good idea until they were 6 months old and he wil be turning 5 months in a couple days.. and i wasnt given a contract really when i got him he is AKC registered though as well as registered else where *needs to look at papers*
I would check that out first and see if he was given limited registration or not. Those sold as pets are AKC registered too but it is limited reg which prevents you from breeding or showing.
I should also ask the breeder as well shouldnt i? I think Im more interested in Agility with Ace more then I am with show but everyone here keeps saying i should show him lol
Yes, you can certainly ask the breeder. You can do agility without full registration so that's not a problem.
Thats Awesome... I've been looking locally for anyone who does Agility training or who has mini ciurses to see if i can barrow.. I really do think he would make a Champ at Agility.. he loves Running and jumping lol
It's really not his blaze - I mean, yes, Pem people do get worried about blazes that are really wide but it's the structure underneath that counts.

I know it's hard for anyone to ever hear anything bad about their dogs, but if you don't mind me telling you what I see about him immediately, if you look at these dogs: http://www.mayflowercorgiclub.org/uploads/available/Heronswaysmall.jpg

and then you look at Ace, see how his head is much larger and it makes one wide "v" instead of looking like it's in two pieces (v-shaped foreface and then wider backskull)? Head and expression are VERY important in Pems and the show-bred Pems have a pretty distinctive look. If you can post a picture of him stacked I can do a better job talking about what I see body-wise, but the head is a major difference.

You also have to realize that Pems are a breed that is well established and difficult to win in. That's not necessarily a bad thing but it does mean that if you didn't get a puppy from a winning kennel it's unlikely that you'd be able to do well. If you want to show a Pem yourself (owner-handle) you should be looking for a baby from a breeder who is SO good that her dogs finish fast and easy no matter who is on the other end of the leash.
Thanks for the help =)
lol i like how you said that... ya a breeder/shower i met locally kinda scoffed at me because ace wasnt one of her 'prize winning' precious... =) but i dont care he is prefect to me =)
Kerry, that's sort of...

Well, that's simply your particular opinion. I don't know, I've been quiet watching your comments for months, now. But this one really got me, and now I'm going to speak up.

I am not known in the breed world of Cardis. My Cardis are from a breeder not even on my coast, in fact. And guess what? We do win; not all the time, but we do -- because he's a nice dog that some judges feel meets the breed standard, regardless of handler. I have made a lot of great friends who not only show conformation, but we do agility, herding, obedience and tracking. In fact, a wonderful breeder and I met at a herding trial, and her help has been invaluable and so appreciated.

I don't get scoffed at and laughed out of the ring, in fact, most people here are pretty helpful and kind. Are there crabby people, sure! There's equally crabby people who work their dogs only, and I've sure known a lot of them.

There are great show ring people and rude working dog owners. Trust me. I've done both sides of the coin; I worked far more than I conformation showed. What she's saying there is politely that unless you get a dog from a good conformation breeder, whose dogs are doing well in the show ring... you're probably not going to get a dog that you can finish. That's all she said, and she said it quite politely.

However, fixing your dog and going to make some friends and having some fun is a great suggestion. :)
If you think you might want to show one day, sometimes there are local "fun" shows that don't count for anything where you can try him out, just to see if YOU like it. Then if you do, like Joanna says what you want to do is hook up with an established breeder in your area and talk about your desire. They may be able to help you out, or point you to someone who can.


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