My boy, Blaze is 11 1/2 and in the past couple of weeks we have seen signs of him slowing down some.  He is having a hard time with steps all of a sudden, he hesitates and tries to avoid going up them.  He used to follow me up and down all day and night, now he only goes up when he has to.  We took him to the vet. He have him some anit-inflammatories and said if he is not better, they will do xrays next.  I'm hoping it is a temporary problem. 

Blaze is not hearing as well and not seeing that great. (he had an eye removal last year due to a tumor) and the eye he has left is getting pretty cloudy.  Not a cataract, just old age.  He is also slower getting up, etc.  It is just tough to watch him age and I know it will be harder as he gets older.  I just wondered if anyone else had a corgi around the same age that I could talk with?  He is still pretty healthy and for that I am very grateful. I will cherish each day that I have left with him. I hope he has a couple of years of good health left.  

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You just described Bert's jumping perfectly - he'll do the front part himself, he just needs a boost on the back end!  :-)

Alison...I get the 1000 mg with Omgea 3 300 mg capsules.  It also benefits their heart just like it does for us.  I know a lot of people who pierce the capsule and squeeze it over their food, mine just hoover up the whole capsule with their dinner.  Use only 1 per day.  Like any supplement it's not going to work needs to get into their systems.  But I do feel it has helped Max.  He takes an herbal supplement from the acupuncture vet specifically for his neck also.  I started giving it just to Max basically for his dry skin in winter and then the more I read about it I gave it to Katie.  I feel it helps both of them.  It can't hurt to try it.  Talk to your vet about it and see what he/she says.


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