Our Fox, who is now almost 11 months old.....and very active.... has taken to snacking on our walls when left alone.  He is not left alone very often, and when it does happen, he is left in his room (our laundry room), which is large enough and has a half bath attached to it.  He is left with food and water and chew toys.  Hmmm, does he need a sibling?  Suggestions?

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Thank you Carol!
Well Gwenie chewed a hole in the breeders kitchen cabinet, she chewed up things badly for the first yr & half of her life. She still chews up stuff but only her toys, that taunt her! OK thats what I think!LOL Some corgis are just chewers. Large raw hides. Loads of play time and I always tell her 'be good I will be right back I love you'. It works. Good Luck.
My friends corgi started chewing holes in their wall and even pieces off the books in the built in shelves when they were gone. (they moved the books up).

She cured her corg by taking him running with her and when she leaves for work she leaves a mind-game toy for both pups with treats inside.

Seems to work for her lol I hope this helps a little
So far Ed(1in May) has chewed some of our carpet and has his mark in 3 out of 3 of our furniture pieces upstairs(naughty!) oh also has marks out on our deck! Gem would never dream of doing anything like that and looks at Ed in horror if she catches him in the act of being naughty! I agree with the exercise and walks as these have happened in times when we couldn't get out for walks. Also, purchased some elk antlers that they really like to chew on and seem to last a long while with no stinky smell!!
Never heard of the antlers..... did you get them in a pet store? We do get the occasional pig's nose and ears..... but I haven't noticed antlers!
When we started testing Oppy to be left out by himself while we were gone (we started with short trips, maybe 20 minutes which he did fine with), he started chewing on the front door when we were gone for too long. Right now the paint on the bottom 1/4 of the door is stripped and Oppy now goes back into his crate when we're gone.

When we're visiting Hilliary's parents, Oppy will play with their bulldog and cause no problems. We think he gets bored and/or resentful of us leaving him by himself and starts acting up because of it. Just this past weekend we got a pug little brother for him and they're having tons of fun together. When Keebler (the pug) is housetrained, we're gonna try leaving them out together so they'll be distracted enough not to do anything bad.
yes, our new puppy did this, tore the plaster right off the wall! (husband was supposed to be watching him)... bad hubby!
Puppy has plenty of toys and a big sister to play with.... he has also been caught chewing on cords and the bottom of the couch.. bad hubby!
HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU GET YOUR CORGIS TO CHEW???!!! My boys won't chew on anything! I have tried everything I can think of, and these 2 don't chew - including their kibble!! Teeth cleaned in December and already they need to be cleaned again, vet could not believe the plaque buildup already. Tooth brushing isn't working, I do put that stuff in their water, but I am not very good at doing it all the time. Sooooo.....my problem is the opposite, any suggestions?
The first six months with my Molly (6 months to 1 year) were rough. Molly did chew a big hole is a solid wood wall, removed the better part of a door frame, and ripped up a two foot round chunk of our brand new linoleum in the kitchen. I found, oddly, that the best deterrent (I tried everything normally suggested!) was those Listerine strips. I'd put a tiny piece on a piece of double stick tape, and stick those where she was most likely to chew. It stopped almost instantly! I think that even with exercise, a young corgi may find destructive ways to entertain themselves at times, until they learn the limits. Exercise, chew toys, patience, and time are what it took with her.
We were so proud when Noodles was potty trained because then we started leaving him out of his crate. Apparenly being first time parents, we didn't think about the chewing issue. We still lived in an apartment and it was a good thing the managers adored Noodles or else who knows what would have happened. I am now a professional at spackeling (sp?), so any questions, just ask. :) After he chewed 3 holes in the walls, we decided to put him back in his crate. It was our own fault for leaving him out at such a young age...6 months and we learned the hard way. He went back in his crate, voluntarily, until one day when he was about 1.5 he decided he didn't need his crate any more. He now gets to do whatever while we are at work. He does get 2 jogs a day and definitely tug-o-war time and also playing frisbee and with the tennis ball, so that tires him out. Good luck!
Izi chewed our walls, cabinets, and a piece of our flooring right after we got her. That's when we realized, although she was getting a good walk in every morning, she needed more exercise. After that my husband starting taking her for light jogs in the afternoon and I upped her walking distance in the mornings to one mile plus free play in our backyard for 30 minutes. After that, we had no more problems. We also make sure she has her own little toy basket that has plenty of chewable items.
If we skip our walking, I loose my shoes! Haha! Always important to walk (not always just yard or dog park) A short quick, focused (no sniffing around and marking everywhere! :) ) 20 minute walk can tired the brain an amazing amount before you leave your pup alone.

Good Luck


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