Our Fox, who is now almost 11 months old.....and very active.... has taken to snacking on our walls when left alone.  He is not left alone very often, and when it does happen, he is left in his room (our laundry room), which is large enough and has a half bath attached to it.  He is left with food and water and chew toys.  Hmmm, does he need a sibling?  Suggestions?

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when my girl Rio was about 9 months old she chewed a hole in the wall through the wallpaper and drywall. she got almost an inch into the wall before we caught her. we waited until she was 5 years old to fix it fully just to be extra extra sure it wouldn't happen again!
exercise has helped our girl keri from chewing,but I think corgis with the predator/kill toys seem to chew more anyway.our boy merlin,who's a food driven corgi instead,tends to not chew.keri gets alot of exercise in our local dog park,camping etc,but
if she is left alone still for too long,she'll chew the finishing strip between our hardwood bedroom floor and the master bath.
with her toys,we've started buying the great 3-pack from costco for $5.99 because we know she'll kill them fast!!merlin could care less about the toys,just give him some love or lo calorie treat.
Guinness was never much of a chewer, he got to one phone charger cord when he was tiny, and then he chewed up a tiny bit of baseboard when we'd lock him in the bathroom instead of the kennel. It was behind the door in the corner, and it wasn't even bad enough that it needed to be replaced.

However, about a year ago, I was going through some rough times with family issues, and I think Guinness got stressed out because I was stressed out. Almost daily for about 2 weeks, I would come home to find that he had chewed up a book, newspaper, magazine or even a pair of shoes. He never totally destroyed the shoes, but just enough that they weren't wearable anymore (like chewing off the part of a flip flop that goes between your toes.)

Has there been any changes in your own life that could be causing him stress? If not, I would just assume that he is bored and needs more exercise and play time.
Yes, changes have been going on. My two adult stepsons moved out after a long stay; he did get along well with the stepsons. And, last weekend, we had a big BBQ, so we took him to Lucky Dog ("Luxury Pet Resort" aka kennel!) for a day of play..... but two people that came to the BBQ brought their dogs with them, so he came home to two strange dogs in his territory....... he may have been a bit confused / stressed. Thanks for the input! I have been exercising the heck out of him and I think we are both exhausted. We'll see though, my husband and I are going to the fair tonight.... I hope we don't come home to a crime scene!
While I'm a firm believer the only thing better than a corgi is two corgis, that won't stop any mischief. A 2nd corgi is merely a partner in crime. :-) My two corgis, ages 3 & 6 months, get in plenty of trouble together. My dynamic duo chewed the wall through the sheet rock down to the wood behind it while locked in the kitchen. They had each other, food, water, & toys. Our pups are never left alone for more than a couple hours a few times a week & have ample amounts of exercise. What did help is having special mind toys, kongs, & longlasting chews that they only get while home alone.
Please tell me more about the "special mind toys"?
We have the bottle with a rope in it. You put treats or food in it then the dog works at getting the food out.
This is what Becky is referring to, I believe. I thought I saw one of these bottles with a rubber rope instead of the rope. I am hesitant to get the one with the rope because Im afraid Lance will chew and eat the rope. I cannot find the one with the rubber rope...but Im pretty sure Ive seen it before. :(


Other products you could try are:









The rubber kongs you can freeze with various safe human food items. I have used plain yogurt and dog food, layered.
Make sure you are able to supervise your dog with these toys. The twist and treat I give to Lance but as soon as his food is out, I make sure to trade him for a piece of his dog food. He would probably chew the toy up otherwise. The same with the Kibble Nibble, Lance wants to chew on the whole ball once the treats are all out, so I have to make sure he trades that one in to so he doesnt break

Lance is a heavy duty chewer, the rubber kongs have held up the best over time, I dont have to worry about putting those up out of his reach when hes done with those, but every dog is different. I am so thankful there is a a toy out there I dont have to worry about him destroying lol As I type he just picked up his Waggle that was laying around, another safe toy for him to leave for him. :)
Thank you SO much.... it's challenging to keep this little critter amused! :)
Thank you Becky! I really appreciate the info.
Glad I could help & thanks Natalie for the links! We don't have some of those!


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