I adopted CharliMae this past April and she has a history of skin issues. I don't know a great deal, but I think the previous issue was caused by fleas. She doesn't have fleas now but she got real itchy a few weeks ago. Florida is primo for itchy issues as I have asked other dog owners in my complex. The vet gave her Temaril-P and it worked wonders. Now of course I wonder what to do when the pills are gone and if she turns itchy again. Any feedback on this and what you have done?

She eats Fromm Weight Management Gold. She also gets plain fat free yogurt, 2% cottage cheese, pumpkin and veggies like carrots, green beans and broccoli. I have added some salmon oil to her diet also. Thanks for any ideas.

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how often does she gets bath?

I have been bathing her about every 4-5 weeks. She can smell a bit doggie. She got a bath at the vet the second week in October. The itching started about a week later. The area she gets after is in the middle of her back. She had been going through blowing her coat. That seems to be over now. The area is no longer inflamed looking. The Temaril-p really worked. Today is the last day for the pills that the vet recommended. I am such a new owner I do worry. Thanks for responding, Sam.

Max tends to get dry skin and itchy in winters, I give 1000 mg fish oil...same stuff I take...year round.  They say it helps to cut down on normal shedding also.  I think it does until it's time for them to blow their coats. The stuff at like PetSmart for dogs is a lot more expensive than generic you can buy at Walgreens.  He also has allergies come mid summer thru the first frost which affects his eyes, ears and makes him itchy.  Durning those months I have him on generic Benadryl...vet recommended...twice a day.  This summer we had no allergy induced infections or itchies at all.

I say try either or both and see if they help.  That stuff is a heck of a lot cheaper than script stuff you get from the vet.

Hi Linda I started her on salmon oil about 10 days ago. I have read about the Benadryl use for dogs. I will call the vet tomorrow and ask if I can use that.

Will it make her drowsy by chance? She is a new dog for me and I am not completely familiar with her behaviors, so if it does make her drowsy, I can look for that and not worry. Thanks

Terry......Always good to check with your vet.  I use the Benadryl on recommendation from my vet of 33 years.  When I first start Max on the daily Benadryl in the middle of August it seems to make him a little groggy for the first couple of days and then his system gets use to it and he is back to normal.  Surprisingly dogs can actually take a higher dose than humans.  Hope the fish oil helps...those itchies are sure miserable for both the dog and us humans.  Funny...Max and Katie are the same bloodline...she is his niece by one of his sisters...and she has absolutely no allergies to anything.

one way to rule-out food allergies is to switch to raw meat for awhile.  our 1st corgi's itching was apparently food (corn allergens?).


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