First, sorry if I am asking on the wrong category.

I was reading this book: Perfect puppy in 7 days by Dr Sophia Yin but I heard it was not so great for Corgis, is this true? Im tempted to try it once I get my puppy but I just want you guys opinions. Ive also read Ian Dunbar's books, and articles as well.

Oh and these articles are very insteresting too:

I guess I am just trying to educate myself as much as I can.. Thank you for responding!

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Never heard of that book, but recently I happened to land on a few tutorials on Youtube by a trainer under the name "Ruff Rules." He demonstrates really good for simple, positive, and easy to follow training tips for short, fun, useful skills. Not sure if they would guarantee a perfect puppy in seven days, but corgis are smart and eager to please so training is fun, at least I think so. Corgi's can be stubborn and independent but I am sure that is true most intelligent animals. There are no dog training programs near me so I had to do a lot of online research and weed out the credible from the less credible resources. I have found this forum to be the best for breed specific questions. I think you are very smart to research before you actually have a corgi in your home. They do have some unique pros and cons, mostly pros! I think it is good to be prepared before taking on the responsibility of a new pet.

Thank you,

I just want to make sure I get everything right before getting him home. Some people says to use food bowls some says don't... Its hard to decide but I guess I'll just figure it out once I have him home.

I haven't read Yin's book but I have heard of her.  I am familiar with Dunbar's work and have been to his seminars.  He is an excellent trainer.  Whatever you choose, positive reinforcement is the best way to go with corgi's.  Keep it fun and rewarding and be consistent!  Another trainer you might be interested in is Susan Garrett.  Good luck with your new puppy!

Thank you! My Boyfriend, and I are very excited but we are trying to do as much research as possible.


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