One year old, adopted from Mobile County Animal Shelter and returned because she had too much energy.  Her name is Precious and she's a staff favorite.  She's up for euthanasia TODAY, and the shelter really wants someone to adopt or foster her.  She's up to date on rabies and they are willing to spay her.  

Is she corgi enough to be adoptable?  Mixes are harder to place, so I'm scared to pull her and foster her.  Any interest?  I live in Atlanta, but am willing to work out transport if you're serious about her.

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Oh she's adorable. If I lived closer I would foster her in a heartbeat.
Contact Cindi, she is close by and familiar with the shelter.
done, thanks
Awwww! I sure hope someone can move quick...she is looking like she would be a sweetheart!
Please tell me somebody got her out...that look breaks my heart--
I'll contact my friends there and see what's up.
The shelter manager's name is Stacy. Precious is still at the shelter. She is a racy corgi mix and very sweet. Apparently a little too corgi-ish for the people who adopted her. I have a call in to Stacy (who's in a meeting right now) and I'll let you know more after I talk to her. Mobile Co. Shelter is a no-kill facility (for the most part). They actually take animals from the city shelter (which IS a kill shelter) and try to adopt them out. I know that we (PetSmart) have a GIANT adoption coming up next weekend and hopefully they will bring her. I do remember this dog. I was at PetSmart when she was adopted the first time. The adopter was an older lady and I warned her at the time that the dog would be very active. Ugghh. Makes you wish folks would listen!! Anywho...I'll let you know what's going on as soon as I hear from Stacy.
Thank you Cindi!


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