I brush Bogart’s teeth a few times a week to keep them clean and healthy (and he lets me!).  Just received a bag of Greenies from a friend.  I remember seeing a recall notice posted on Facebook recently about Greenies, but did not find any postings here – checking the search box.  I looked on line and there were various conflicting stories about Greenies being bad, or that they were bad before but they changed the ingredients and now they are ok.  Has anyone seen any reliable information one way or the other?

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My vet's have nothing against using greenies. it won't substitute brushing in any way, but they won't hurt your dog to feed them. 

I thought I read somewhere that they can expand in a dogs stomache and aren't good for them. 

One of my dogs gets nasty poops when they eat Greenies or anything similar. My vet sells Greenies and they have a huge display at Petsmart, so I doubt if they are unsafe

You wouldnt think they would sell unsafe things, but I wouldnt be too sure about that. I did read about a dog that died from eating the greenies that expanded in its stomache. :(

Paragon dental chews are another good option.  As far as I know, they've never had a recall, are lower in calories (they are potato based, rather than wheat based), and cheaper!  Trixie loves them.  I've never heard about the Greenies recall, that's really interesting.  I know they're made by Nutro which I do think has had a couple of recalls as a company.


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