Are your Corgi's 'famous'?? Does this ever happen to you? :)

This is more a curiousity question, as I have experienced this seeming 'phenomenom' where people will just have to run up to me and my dogs and ask what kind of dogs they are, or want to tell me all about their friend who had one, or how they love them, etc

Is it just me, or does the general public just have a huge curiousity and fascination about the Corgi?


I see hundreds of dogs, and never (ok, maybe once or twice) have the urge to run up to someone and ask about their dogs... as much as I love animals.

I think it is really neat personally, but just curious what others have experienced with their Corgis. Does this happen to ALL dog owners regardless of breed? I have only ever owned Corgi's personally, so maybe I am just naive?


Some of the things that have happened to me:

A motorcyle stopped in the middle of the road while I was walking Rowdy one day, the biker parked his bike, took off his helmet, and just HAD to say hello to Rowdy. He just couldnt help himself!


I have had cars yell to me and call me over (some have even parked and came over) and ask what type of dogs those are?! And then proceed to tell stories, or look in wonderment at my puppies.


People will slow down when I have Lilo in the front yard and just smile and wave and look at her... or yell out how cute she is.


When I bring Lilo to Petsmart people seem fascinated with her, "Oh look! It's a CORGI!" and all of the workers always want to play with her (granted I know it is their job to be friendly.)


I was walking my dogs past the cadillac dealership and a couple that was at the service center asked if they could come see my dogs for a moment...


I dont see any other breed specific social networking sites.... lol... although I havent really looked! ha ha


So I wanna hear others stories... of their 'famous' corgi's!  :)

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That happens to us too! Everyone who sees Sidney smiles, even what my daughter calls the "tough-looking gangster" in the car next to us. People either ask what he is, or else gleefully yell "corgi!" Senior citizen women are the best...they know all about the "Queen's dog".

The absolute funnest time is when we take Sidney to the twice-yearly Renaissance Faire (April and October). Ren Faire people LOVE corgis! We went most recently this April with Sidney's cardi friend Fin. The Queen herself stops to admire and compliment them. Bards, knights and vendors all want to meet them. There was a tent set up with some artisans relaxing on the grass, and they asked if Sidney and Fin could come over and relax with them. It was soooo much fun!
I LOVE it! I've always thought Molly attracted an unusual amount of attention, but now I know it! A Corgi is magical!

There are a fair number of people that we've met that recognize her as a Corgi, but the Pembroke/Cardigan thing is new to most. They're all used to the Pembrokes. But I've met quite a few that have no idea about Corgis, and I've heard some of the best speculation about what she is! One guy came up to me and said "Let me guess - she has to be a mix of a basset hound, a beagle and a shepard?" I just said no, she's a purebred, laughed and walked away. I have no idea what he made of that!
I am a Corgi Looky-Loo as I call them. Whenever I see a Corgi out and about I have to go say hi. I also know there is a gentleman a couple blocks from my house who walks his Corgi every evening. If I happen to be coming home around the time they are normally out, I will go out of my wa to pass by. I'm hoping now that I'm getting a Corgi of my own I won't be so obnoxious about it :). But I personally don't really stop to look at other dogs, just Corig's. I think part of the fascination is that they really aren't all that common, at least not in my area. And they are seriously cute dogs!
I just have to say I really appreciate everyone that has shared their stories, I have gotten a kick out of reading every single one, and it amazes me how similar many of our experiences have been! :) Gotta love these Corgi's! :)
I'm in South Padre with my family for a little weekend vacation and the pups are attracting A LOT of attention! When I walk them on the beach people keep approaching me to say hi or ask what breed they are. The problem is that a lot of people here speak spanish and I don't know much so I have to fumble out spanish answers to them. But a lot of kids point and shout "Ah! Mira! Perritos!" or "Aw, bonita!" I've been able to answer what their names are and how old they are but all the other questions in spanish go right over my head


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