Anna suggested I post the link to the article on acupuncture that I found on her link about grain feed foods.  I found it a very good explanation of the practice and a realistic view of what it can be used for in dogs.  I imagine it would also be the same for cats, horses and such.

I was impressed with what it did for the IVDD in Max and what it does for me in pain management.  I know you've all heard me talk about it enough times.  When I told my PCP that I was going for acupuncture he was in full agreement.  For myself I no longer live my days with a pain level of 8-10, more like 2-3 and I keep a regular schedule of treatment of 5-6 weeks.

So for anyone who is interest or considering it for their dog (or even for themselves) here is the link to the article.

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I notice that, like the article I posted, this is also from Tufts University.  They are a good Vet school.

We regularly used acupuncture with our first corgi, Asta, for management of arthritis pain as she got older. She'd come home from a treatment kind of mellow and sleepy (like me after a couple of glasses of wine!!), but the next day she'd be running around like a puppy again (me- not so much!). We tried it for her megaesophagus, but it did nothing for that, which the vet was up front about. We tried it with second corgi, Sophie, for her seizures, but it didn't work for that either (also stated by the vet that it may not work). Since it is noninvasive, we decided to give it a try. Neither one of them seemed to notice that the needles were being placed.I have gone for treatment of migraines; it significantly lessened the severity and frequency to a manageable level but did not totally eliminate them. Tweezing eyebrows hurts more than the acupuncture needles do, if that is a concern for anyone.

Chris....glad it helped with Asta's arthritis pain.  It can help a lot of things and I think pain management for animal and human is the biggest thing we can all take away from learning about it.  I'm glad it's helping with your migraine headaches.  Does it take away 100% if my back but it reduces the level of pain so that I can live a normal life.  I will say that it does wonders for the neuropathy in my feet from the back surgery tho.  I am also a diabetic so I don't know if that has added to the neuropathy in my feet or's been there for 15 years and I was only diagnosed with diabetes a year and a half ago.  I would also suggest anyone who suffers from neuropathy give it a try.


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