I know i saw a couple posts about the designer corgi hybrids on here in the past but I'm curious about those that might own them.

I wonder how much of the corgi traits shine through in the puppies, which genes seem to be dominant in the breeding process and stuff like that. (Not that i plan to go breed hybrids or anything, I'm just curious.) I can understand the desire for the dogs though, if the short legs are dominant, could you imagine other breeds with corgi legs? A great dane, or dalmatian. Would be kind of neat, or terribly ugly.

So anyway its the 24th of December and I'm terribly bored, i ask all that see this to upload pictures of your corgi crosses, and if possible state how much corgi they have in em.

To start off i will upload four pictures of some four week old pups I'm looking into (they would be around 10 weeks now but i don't have any up to date photos yet) They should be exactly 50/50 pembroke welsh corgi (mother) and mini aussie (father.)

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He is pretty, i like how he looks red (or fawn?) over most his body and then has that black on the muzzle, really neat looking.

Haha yes, he is a handsome boy!
He is I believe red, but not completely. He has black hairs all over his body that are longer than the brown hair which makes him look slightly darker. Oh and he has a black bob. Hahah. It's really cute. :)

Here are more pictures of him at 8 weeks old!


Its almost like he has a mask on with the black that way. One of a kind pup, hope he sticks with ya a good long time.

As for my pup, i got the deposit paid so I'm finally getting a corgi, now i just have to wait for time to tick down so i can go pick her up. My girl friend got a really nice smart phone for Christmas with one hell of a camera on it so i plan to use it to take lots of pictures of the puppy.

He is sooooo cute!

A friend of mine as an auggie from an accidental breeding, he's a pretty weird looking little dog lol. He has an aussie face, corgi hair, standard aussie sized body, little corgi legs. I don't have a recent photo of him. His full brother was much smaller and had a red merle coat and longer hair, looked much more aussie with short corgi legs. I'd say breeding hybrids is such a crap shoot and you never know what you are going to get. I too am always shocked by what people pay for "hybrids" (ie mutts). If one of these were to show up in a shelter though, especially a blue merle pembroke looking dog, I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat!! Lol

My friend has an Augie. He went to a breeder for a corgi, but they had this little guy running around that nobody wanted. He's very hyper and twice as long as my corgi. But they say he's great and doesn't seem to shed much. That's a plus.


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