hello everyone,

My dear corgi Caju is at the vet right now, and they called us telling she has high cholesterol and is VERY overweight (27.1lbs), and this woman... said she should weight 16-17 lbs.
I have a feeling she is stupidly wrong. I do think she should be between 23-25 lbs. But she does not look overweight at all! And apparently the puppy food (which says is up to a year old and too high in fat is causing this. She's been throwing up a yellow liquid every morning for a week). 

Does anybody here have a female corgi (pembroke) that weights/weighted less than 20 lbs at 1 year old????

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I have a female pembroke corgi that will be 8 months in a few days and she ways 19.2 lb, you can feel her ribs nicely like you should but you can't see them. She isn't even fully grown yet(still got another 1" or 2" in hight to grow if she were to be 16-17lb right now she would be skin and bones, never mind being that weight at 1 year and full grown (or almost). I think you Vet is out of her mind. When adora got fixed about a month ago she was 18.0 lb and my vet said she was growing nicely.
Hi Cinitia. I can't see the pic you posted here at work, but I was looking at your photos and the picture titled "Christmas 09" shows a very appropriately-sized Caju. Does she still look like that?

You can't go by raw weight, because there can be a pretty big difference in size. A one-year-old Corgi should be very near her adult size. My female Corgi weighs 27 to 28 pounds and is top of the standard in size. A medium sized female should go about 25 or 26 pounds full grown, so should maybe be a couple pounds less than that at one year. Unless she is a tiny Corgi, 16 to 17 pounds would be very thin for a year-old Corgi.
Thank you all so much. Here is another pic with her sister Maya (10 weeks old) by her size.
She might be a 4-5 lbs heavier but not 10lbs!
I'll be picking her up in a couple of hours at the vet.
My 1 yr. old female Teagen is 19 lbs which is very petite for a corgi so maybe this Lady has exp. with a smaller corgi girl only? My male is 32 lbs. without an ounce of fat!! I ended up with both ends of the weight spectrum =)
My Zoey turned 1 year on June 1st and she is 17.5 pounds. She is kind of smallish but not under-weight at all according to the vet.
We have a small corgi. Maddie is about 18 lbs. She's as cute and spunky as can be! I looked at all your pictures on your site and I would guess Caju is on the smaller side. It's possible she's a few pounds over.
Oh my...so it is possible to be under 20lbs and still look healthy at 1 year old. Honestly, I always thought Caju looked so good. Apparently, I was wrong. I can't believe I was overfeeding her (without knowing) and that I shouldn't be giving puppy food (which seems to be very high on fat) to my pup anymore. I mean, she turned 1 year old last week.... I am so upset I could be harming Caju.

Caju is a bit smaller than the average female corgis. Anyways, I am still not happy with with vet. They were discharging Caju with meds and stuffs and I never saw the vet. When I started to ask questions the girl at the front finally said she didn't know and called the nurse, who also seemed pretty clueless.

She is on a bland diet for a few days and then I will start her on adult food and hopefully she will lose this extra weigh soon. Poor pup. I love her so much!
Maybe it's just me, but I can't see either of the new pictures you posted; they seem to have disappeared. Do you have a recent picture of her?

While there are female Corgis under 20 pounds, that does not meet the standard and is a bit unusual. I would probably expect an average-sized female Corgi at one year to weigh around 23 pounds or so. That may or may not be what YOUR Corgi should weigh, just an average. So a recent pic would be a big help!
I did post some pics on my page album. I tried to post through here and it did not work. Can you see them there?
23 pounds was what I had in mind. I'll work on her diet an exercise and let's see how much she can lose without looking underweight.

Thank you
Trying to post a recent pic again.
The pictures I saw have her looking like a very fit girl. She would be a bag of bones at the weight recommended by the vet. It doesn't hurt to have them on the lean side especially since in this next year of her life, she will fill out a bit more. I would more work on maintaining her where she is or losing at most a couple of pounds rather than worry about her losing too much weight. You can cut her food by 10% and add some green beans to her diet to fill her up. Don't get too drastic in the weight reduction plan. How tall is she (at her shoulders) and how long (chest to rear)?
If the pics of her with the new puppy (so cute!!!) are recent, then honestly she doesn't look overweight to me at all. I'm not a vet and I'm not there to feel her ribs, but she looks very fit to me.

Don't be upset with yourself. My breeder recommended feeding puppy food to 1 year. My vet said 6 months, so I switched at about 9 months.

If Caju looks like she does in those more recent pics, and if the vet said she needs to lose 10 pounds, then honestly if it were me I'd request a discussion with the vet (NOT the tech) to iron things out and see how your relationship progresses. Again, I'm not looking at your dog, but the dog as she appears in the pic is not 10 pounds overweight. Maybe she could lose a pound or so, but both of mine fluctuate a bit up and down depending on weather and activity and that's no big deal.

Your dogs are lovely.


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